Madkudweep Bilaspur Chhattisgarh

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Madukadweep Bilaspur Chhattisgarh

Enveloped by the relaxing Shivnath River from all sides, Madku Dweep is an island of soul-stirring appeal as well as crucial historic monoliths. The hilly island of Madku Dweep lies right in the middle of the moving river. Expansive over 24 hectares, the appealing and also attractive Madku Dweep is an exceptionally secure area for visitors and also site visitors.

The form of this Island appears like a massive ‘Manduk’ (Frog) which gains the island its name. The one-of-a-kind geographical framework, all-natural appeal, social relevance as well as historical relevance pledge vacationers a great experience. A popular vacationer destination, Madku Dweep is simply 79km far from Raipur.

In ancient times, evidence of the Rock Age guy’s existence has actually been discovered on the financial institutions of the Shivnath River. A mood of historical necromancy borders Madku Dweep since numerous rock devices going back to the Rock Age age have actually been discovered right here.

These tools provide us a look of the Rock Age guy’s life throughout the claimed period. Amongst the comprehensive summaries of the primitive duration discovered right here, is the India Epigraphy 1959-60 record. This talks extremely of 2 rock engravings discovered in Madku Dweep. Written in old Brahmi manuscript, among both rock engravings goes back to the third century BC, stating the name of Akshaya Nidhi. The various other rock engraving remains in Shankha manuscript and also opens more recent opportunities for excavators and also chroniclers.

Mentioning the Shivnath River, one have to observe that it is incredibly calm, tranquil and also moves in harmony. The silt-ridden financial institution of this river holds lots of keys to lost age. Really a heaven for chroniclers, this location has lots of surprise prizes of high historical value consisting of coins, rock engravings, mud craft, and also continues to be of old holy places coming from different empires that appeared to have actually ruled right here. Need to check out areas of comparable nature consist of Durg, Chhatagarh, Sarda, Dhobni, Maro, Rampur and also Tala.

Pilgrimage Places

Having discovered its historical relevance, the solemnity as well as conventional value of Madku Dweep can not be disregarded. Tales describe this island as Kedar Dweep. A divine home of the divine, Madku Dweep is well-known for historical searchings for of adored divine beings.

These include-Shivalingas, Nandi, Ganesha, Amalak, as well as numerous various other Gods. What attractions visitors to the enigmatic island of Madku Dweep is an unified mix of a vintage beauty, historical significance, social heritage as well as historical excavations.

One-of-a-kind holy places of the 20th century advertisement like the Radhakrishna Holy Place, Shiva Holy Place. Ganesha Holy place, and also the Vishnu Holy place are most definitely worth a go to. There are a couple of Shivlingas of prestige right here- mostly the Dhumnath Shivlinga as well as the Vishnu Krishna. Tactically positioned right in the middle of the river, the Madku Dweep Island is a popular Kedar Tirth. The area has actually gained the divine title of Harihar Shetra Kedar Dweep.

Famous Excavations

Extensive excavations have actually been executed at Madku Dweep and also attractive idol art has actually been uncovered. A total amount of 19 holy places have actually been dug deep into of which one encounters the west while 18 others deal with the eastern.

The designing of all the holy places is fairly comparable and also they display building radiance at its finest. Confirmed to be the heritage of the abundant Kalchuri Kalin empire, notable explorations consist of Pratap Malladev’s Tamrasikka, idolizers and also Shivalinga. A living statement of the Shaiva Traditions, all 12 holy places are integrated in a stretch with 5 Shivalingas. After much research study, it has actually been acknowledged that as a result of a terrible flooding, they were hidden 1.50 m right into the ground. The many historical marvels found right here clarify the ancient history of Madku Dweep.


The dynamic fairs as well as events commemorated below supply utmost spiritual tranquility and also calmness to all travelers and also site visitors. While an usual string of unity as well as league paints an abundant canvas, the celebration is an abundant display of league. Throughout the Paush Pournima (Chera Chera Punni) a 7 day reasonable is heid with terrific splendor and also splendour. Shivratri (Fagun Amawasya) and also Hanuman Jayanti (Chaitra Pournima) are additionally commemorated with equivalent passion.

Fans of the Christian faith arrange a reasonable from 10-18th February. Thanks to the comfy solutions given to visitors, their number is enhancing each year. Tourists appreciate the joyful fervour and also go to different heritage and also historical sites.

Madku Dweep is an ideal vacation from the city mess. The bright blue cover of the skies extending beyond the horizon, the wind brushing via the farmlands, Shivnath River’s relentless circulation and also stunning colours sprinkled by the sundown attraction one and all. The calmness and also relaxed environments supply emotional days packed with recreation. Madku Dweep is nature’s really own gem in Chhattisgarh. Simply a little far from the island. The popular Tirth of Kabir Panthis, lies near Raipur in Damakheda.

Visitors can experience the magic of classical times at the Devrani Jethani Holy Place, Tala. Unique value has actually been provided to the Sthapit Shivalingas of Madku Dweep, widely referred to as Dhumnath. The name ‘Dhumnath’ has actually been stemmed from ‘Dhumra’ indicating black smoke, as the rock out of which this Shivalinga is sculpted appears to be of the exact same colour. A publication called ‘Madku Dweep Mahatmya’ has a referral to the very same Shivalinga as ‘Dhumnath’.

Madku Dweep is an attractive island that has indispensable experiences stored for everybody. Be it historical, social, or historical tourist, Madku Dweep is quick coming to be a prominent location that fascinates all.


Forest department shelters are available for stay in Madku Dweep. There are lodges and hotels in Raipur and Bilaspur.

How to reach:

By Air: Raipur (79kms) is the nearest airport well connected to Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Vishakhapatnam and Chennai.

By Rail: Bilaspur, Bhatapara, and Raipur are the nearest railway stations on the Bombay-Howrah main line.

By Road: Baitalpur is just 4km away from Madku Dweep via the Raipur-Bilaspur National Highway. Baitalpur is 75km from Raipur and 37km from Bilaspur. Local taxis and private vehicles are available for transport on this highway.

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