Kaushalya Mata Temple Chhattisgarh : Home of Lord Rama’s Mother

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Kaushalya Mata Temple Chhattisgarh : Home of Lord Rama’s Mother 

Chhattisgarh is blessed with the only temple dedicated to Lord Rama’s Mother Kaushalya Mata. Goddess Kaushalya, the daughter of a King of the Dakshin Kosala Kingdom, was an extremely powerful woman. She was the eldest among King Dasaratha’s three wives, and hence the queen of Ayodhya. Kaushalya’s Influence was powerful because she gave birth to Rama, who is the seventh Avatar (incarnation) of the God, Vishnu, and the great king of Ayodhya.

In Indian folklore, Kaushalya Mata has an unique significance as she was the mom of the best king as well as the best personification of member, Lord Rama. Positioned in Raipur, in a little town called Chandkhuri, the Kaushalya Mata Holy place is a preferred trip location.

If you take a trip simply 27km from Raipur in the eastern instructions, you will certainly stumble upon a beautiful storage tank called Jalsen. In the center of this breathtakingly beautiful tank is the Kaushalya Mata Holy Place.

Historic Importance

Chhattisgarh was called the imperial kingdom of Kosala. Throughout the duration of Ramayana, majority of Chhattisgarh was covered by a thick woodland called ‘Dandakaranya’ or ‘Dakshinapath’. The Kaushalya Mata Holy place has actually been integrated in 1973 in Chandkhuri as this was the native home of Lord Rama’s mom, Kaushalya.

The building design of this holy place informs us that it came from the age of the Somvanshis in between, 8-9th century advertisement. An old Shiva Holy place situated simply a little ahead of Jalsen Fish pond creates an additional lovely tourist attraction at Chandkhuri. The effigies as well as rock art of the Shiva Holy place is really significant.

A classy looking, yet durable bridge has actually been built on the Jalsen storage tank to take explorers to the Kaushalya Mata Holy Place. While on the bridge, the luxuriant idolizers went on the deck of the holy place can be seen.

The Jalsen storage tank is spread out throughout 16 acres, with wonderful pink lotuses drifting on the azure water. It appears as if the blossoms are dancing on the water as well as the wind is lugging the fallen leaves in the direction of the holy place, in respect of Kaushalya Mata. When seen from a range, the attractive landscape looks exceptionally attractive.

Inside The Temple

The Garbha Griha of the Kaushalya Mata Temple boasts of an extremely adorable image that amuses tourists and pilgrims. This image portrays little Lord Rama resting in Mother Kaushalya’s lap.

Chandkhuri was earlier famous as Chandrapuri. Chandrapuri was known as the land of Gods. The Jalsen reservoir was believed to be the biggest pond of that particular region. Legend has it that there were a total of 126 ponds on all sides of Jalsen, but today only 20-26 of these remain.


According to the Ramayana penciled by Sage Valmiki, King Bhanumant was welcomed to Ayodhya for the ‘Abhisheka’ of royal prince Dasaratha. His child princess Bhanumati was so elegant as well as stunning that King Dasaratha was charmed by her lovely personality. Dasaratha asked King Bhanumant for his children’ hand as well as both obtained wed among fantastic festivity. After marital relationship the Queen of Ayodhya and also the little girl of a Kosala king became referred to as “Kaushalya’. Kaushalya Mata brought to life a glowing, healthy and balanced boy that was called royal prince Rama. Back then, Kosal was split right into 2 components, Northern Kosal or Awadh and also Dakshin Kosal or Chhattisgarh.

In order to maintain the identification of the honoured mom, that brought to life a Vishnu Character, active in Kosal, the amazing Kaushalya Mata Holy place was created. This holy place is completely committed to Kaushalya as well as stands testament to the regard, individuals of the land have for her.

It is thought that given that Kaushalya was the only little girl of King Bhanumant therefore Dakshin Kosal or Chhattisgarh was handed down to Lord Rama after she left the globe. Talented to him by his cherished mommy, Lord Rama after that presented the civil liberties of the land upon his boy Kush. Chhattisgarh is abundant with lots of tales and also its land has actually experienced several essential historical occasions connected to Ramayana.

The Kaushalya Mata Holy place is an icon of the regard as well as love shared by Lord Rama as well as mommy Kaushalya. It is absolutely an among its kind holy place discovered in India. Kaushalya Mata has actually been commended as one of one of the most talented as well as wise women of the stated period. She is thought to have superb command over the various Vedas, and also Sages of the moment followed her precepts and also invited them right into their very own living and also heart.

Pilgrims and also Lord Rama devotees really feel privileged to have actually observed the incredible visibility of Kaushalya Mata in this holy place. Such is the tale of a sincere, caring, tender as well as caring mom. At the heart of Chandkhuri, exists the holy place built in her honour as well as her heat remains to touch the hearts of millions day-to-day!.

How to reach

By Air: Raipur is the nearest airport (27 kms) and well connected to Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Vishakhapatnam and Chennai

By Rail: Raipur is the nearest railway station on the Bombay – Howrah main line while.

By Road: There are regular buses from Raipur. Taxis are available at Raipur.

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