Top Longest Sixes In Cricket History Get The Top 10

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Top Longest Sixes In Cricket History: Historically, sixes have long been considered one of the fastest ways to score in cricket, as they quickly add points. Certain players possess an ability to grab the ball and measure distance. Simply kicking over a boundary line counts as a six, but other times players used all their strength to propel it far into the stands or beyond the stadium itself – in one such occasion Pakistan’s Shahidi Afridi cleared 153 meters toward South Africa during a One-Day International in Johannesburg on March 17 2013. He may well hold unofficial recognition as most longest sixes ever in cricket history – although no official recognition can exist for such feats of propulsion!

Shahidi Afridi had just hit Ryan McLaren for 12 runs within four pitches; when pressure increased he allowed two more before finally giving in and giving Shahidi Afridi an extra long ball from McLaren which he promptly hit into the roof of the stadium; making history and becoming world record holder for fastest ODI century in 48 balls against South African’s massive 344 run total, which ultimately cost Pakistan their game by 34 runs.

Top Longest Sixes In Cricket History

Brett Lee set a record in cricket history when he leapt over a rope by 43 meters during a test match held at Gaba in 2005 against West Indies. Brett Lee faced Daren Powell, and with one strike over 135 meters it flew through practice nets outside the stadium and over the bleachers’ roof before landing safely into Daren Powell’s hands in Daren Powell’s position at Daren Powell. ‘After I tried getting one shot off with no luck at first then one hit from middle… it fell from there… It was sensational feeling! Nearly got cleaned but didn’t hit my throat by one centimeter!’ claimed Brett Lee after game after having almost being hit by one bullet but did miss my throat by 1 centimeter!

Aiden Blizzard of The Victorian Bushrangers hit an astonishing six during the T20 final held at WACA in 2008. as part of The Indian T20 League tournament. It flew over the square leg boundary and traveled 130 metres, becoming a memorable domestic cricket circuit six-hit. Albie Markel hit spinner Pragya Ojha for an emphatic six hit at Chennai Cheuk stadium 124 meters away during this same season; Australian opening Adam Gilchrist also hit former South African seamer Charly Langeveldt for an impressive hit that traveled 122 metres over his opponents’ line during 2011 Indian T20 League competition.”

Top Longest Sixes In Cricket History Get The Top 10
Top Longest Sixes In Cricket History Get The Top 10

Top Longest Sixes In Cricket Detail

Event NameTop Longest Sixes In Cricket History
Distance153 meters
OpponentSouth Africa

Longest Six In Cricket History

Blockbusters with massive budgets attract audiences and generate buzz for an extended period. Many former cricketers and analysts have claimed that such films deserve extra praise; however, their arguments carry little weight due to technology that evaluates distance. Let’s take a look back at some of cricket’s longest sixes as it’s always great fun looking back on its greatest moments.

Not many can resist watching cricketers hit stunning sixes one after another. We all remember MS Dhoni’s final shot of six at 2011 World Cup and Yuvraj Singh’s remarkable six sixes in one turn in 2007 T20 World Cup; both players are part of an elite group who have hit some of cricket’s longest sixes; we will briefly address their achievements here in this blog article.

Top 10 Biggest Six in Cricket World by Distance

RankPlayer NameDistanceCountryPlayed againstYear
1Shahid Afridi153 metersPakistanSouth Africa2013
2Brett Lee143 metersAustraliaWest Indies2005
3Martin Guptill127 metersNew ZealandSouth Africa2012
4Liam Livingstone122 metersEnglandPakistan2021
5Corey Anderson122 metersNew ZealandIndia2014
6Mark Waugh120 metersAustraliaNew Zealand1997
7Yuvraj Singh119 metersIndiaAustralia2007
8MS Dhoni118 metersIndiaNew Zealand2009
9Shahid Afridi118 metersPakistanAustralia2005
10Chris Gayle116 metersWest IndiesIndia2010

Longest Sixes In The History Of Cricket Bowler Tops List

Simon O’Donnell’s 122-meter six – Simon O’Donnell hit six from 122 feet at Melbourne Cricket Ground during an Sheffield Shield Tournament first-class game between Victoria and New South Wales in 1993, former Australian player Simon O’Donnell scored six hits from that height to score an outright win at Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Albie Markel once hit a 125 – Albie Markel scored an amazing one hundred and 125 Meter six while playing in the Indian Premier League in 2008. Markel, an ex-South African all-rounder, hit this six while representing Chennai Super Kings against Pragya Ojha of Deccan Chargers bowler Pragya Ojha for one over deep midwicket in 2008.

Simon O’Donnell’s 122-meter six – Simon O’Donnell hit an astounding six from 122 feet at Melbourne Cricket Ground during an inaugural Sheffield Shield Tournament match between Victoria and New South Wales in 1993, during a Sheffield Shield Tournament first-class match, striking sixes from both ends of Melbourne Cricket Ground to earn himself fame as an Olympic athlete.

Albie Markel once hit a 125 – Albie Markel once hit an unforgettable one hundred and 125 meter six in the Indian Premier League. Markel, an ex-South African all-rounder, was playing for Chennai Super Kings at that time when he hit bowler Pragya Ojha of Deccan Chargers to hit a six over deep midwicket.

Brett Lee: 135 Meter Six -135-meter fast bowler known for his exceptional batting and hitting abilities is Brett Lee. In 2005 at Gaba Stadium in Adelaide against West Indian Darren Powell he hit 130-135 Meter Sixes which traveled so far they hit Gaba’s practice nets located near parking lot of stadium.

Longest six in cricket history 10 biggest sixes cricket

Sixes cricket is an increasingly popular variation of cricket played with a circular ball by six players on either side. Originating in the Caribbean and spreading globally since, here are ten longest sixes in cricket history.

MS DHONI: 112m – MS Dhoni’s 112-metre six against Australia during an exciting 2012 Commonwealth Bank Tri-Series match is listed at No. 10. As it came at a pivotal moment and was considered one of the most significant sixes ever hit in international cricket, “Captain Cool” hit it into long-on and India had to score 12 runs within four balls to take victory and end their tour on a high note after losing this test match 4-0 to Australia; MS recorded 44* runs as captain to lead India to its maiden victory in this series by six wickets! MS recorded 44* as captain to take India into their debut victory and take home victory by six wickets!

Sachin Tendulkar: 112m – made history when he caught Andy Caddick’s fast bouncer at Kingsmead Durban in South Africa’s 2003 World Cup pool match against England at Kingsmead Durban with an extremely deep square. Although not recorded officially, Tendulkar caught it and is thought to have traveled 112m. Tendulkar scored his famous fifty as Ashish Nehra recorded 6/23 to ensure India secured victory by an impressive 82 run margin – it remains one of Master Blaster records’ longest sixes cricket matches ever.

Martin Guptill: 113m – Hits A Six of 113 Meters” This video captures Martin Guptill’s impressive six of 113 meters during Australia’s opening ODI against New Zealand at Eden Park on January 21, 2016. Guptill was struck a full-length delivery outside the bowling area by Kane Richardson over long-on and hit it for six directly into Eden Park – leaving even Richardson mesmerised as Guptill was left awestruck as even the bowler looked on in awe as Guptill hit it for six. Guptill went on to score 90 runs in just 76 balls en route to helping New Zealand to an easy 159-run victory over their Australian opponents!

Yuvraj Singh: 119m – made history when he hit one of the longest sixes ever hit in cricket – at 119 meters by Brett Lee of Australia – during the 2007 T20 World Cup semifinal in South Africa when on top form and playing left-handed aggressive Indian batsman with 70 in 30 balls in Kingsmead Stadium Durban Durban; taking Lee’s 147.2 Kmph ball easily turning it over to long square leg while facing pressure. Yuvraj had a stunning performance by scoring 70 runs against Australia to help India advance further before meeting Pakistan at finals stage!

Shahid Afridi: 120m – Shahid “Boom Boom” Afridi is known for his long-distance shots in cricket’s One Day Internationals. On September 3, 2013, during Pakistan’s 2013 tour of South Africa’s final One Day International against South African pacer Ryan McLaren outside off stump, Afridi hit an astonishing 120 meter six off an otherwise slower ball from him that traveled 120 meters – this according to legend being 158 metres but listed by the ICC book of records as 120 meters! Despite Afridi’s lightning fast 48 ball innings during which time Pakistan fell short by 34 points despite Afridi’s incredible 88 runs scored off only 48 balls despite Afridi’s superb 48-ball knocked over against South Africa’s record 344 points by 44 points; The final score being 344 points lost was 34.

Top 10 Longest sixes in cricket

Chris Gayle: 120-125m – (The Universe Boss), is ranked fifth on this list for his legendary six he struck against Australia during the 2009 ICC T20 World Cup at Oval in London. Gayle’s six was so huge it flew out of the stadium and fell onto London streets; its length has yet to be measured but is believed to be 120-125 meters long; another massive six measuring 103 metres also followed shortly afterwards by Jamaican batsman who scored 85 runs off 55 balls for West Indies’ victory with 25 balls remaining!

COREY ANDERSON: 122M – Corey Anderson managed an odd six of 122 meters against Mohammed Shami of India during the opening one-day international of India’s tour to New Zealand in 2013. At McLean Park’s top spot Corey Anderson made history, scoring the fastest 100 on ODI history before hitting a six from Shami at square leg, earning himself Man of the Match honors with 68 runs from 40 balls against Shami. Unfortunately India were unable to match New Zealand’s total of 2922 runs and ultimately lost by 24 runs.

Martin Guptill: 127m – Martin Guptill scored an extraordinary three-position six of 127 meters off Lonwabo Tsotsobe of South Africa; Tsotsobe played an exquisite half-volley which Martin hit for a massive six over the midwicket even after previously having been hit for an unexpected record distance of 103m two deliveries earlier. New Zealand won their match by six wickets thanks to Martin Guptill scoring an unbeaten 78.

SHASHID AFRIDI: 130m – Shahid Afridi has done it again! At Perth’s WACA venue, he recorded an astonishing six in 130 meters! Andrew Symond’s delicious full-length ball was struck into orbit by Afridi for an explosive long-on blow-over long six. For Pakistan’s 8th ODI of CB 2004-2005 Tri-Series Tri Series victory by three wickets with Afridi scoring 30 runs off 13 balls earned them victory by three wickets while Abdul Razzaq earned Man of Match honors due to his overall performance using both bat and ball (he bowled 10 overs at 4/53 with an unbeaten 63).

BRETT LEE: 143m – Neither Andre Russell nor Kieron Pollard expected, Brett Lee is unexpectedly at the top of this list. Binga struck an astounding six on West Indies speed bowler Darren Powell during a match of test cricket played between Australia and West Indies; later Binga entered as batsman number 9, before hitting 47 runs later on when Lee entered as batsman number 9. Once play had concluded at Gabba on a given day, cricket analysts at Studio Cricket calculated how far apart were nets and the batting crease based on this figure compared with distance from nets to the batting crease as calculated by studio analysts at Studio Cricket Studios studio.


Blockbusters of this magnitude attract audiences and create buzz. Former cricketers and analysts have often suggested that these huge hits deserve special praise; however, these claims cannot hold water due to accurate technology being continuously evaluated when calculating distances. Let’s take a look back at some of cricket’s longest sixes from international cricket as an interesting exercise in reflective memory.

History’s Top Sixes in CricketHistorically, cricket has always been an exhilarating game to watch. It is not uncommon to witness players throwing bowlers to the ground at incredible distances; one recent IPL 2021 example was MS Dhoni hitting an amazing six that went all the way across an main road! Similar instances could be found throughout its long history of play with many batsmen from Australia, India or West Indies hitting sixes as hard hitting batsmen have done on multiple occasions.

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