Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Ramgarh Sarguja Chhattisgarh

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Top 10 Tourist Attractions of Ramgarh Sarguja Chhattisgarh

While embarking on a sacrosanct tour from Prayag or Varanasi to the south, a pilgrim may be enchanted by the tall mountain located in Rampur, Surguja 308m tall and spread towards the south further extending into a rocky mountain that is 310m tall, is together called Ramgarh. Visually appealing, these mountain ranges resemble an elephant in a sitting position.

The stunning area lures us with impressive tales going back to the age of the Ramayana. It is so thought that Siren Sita stayed in the Sita Bengra caverns and also this location belonged to the renowned Dandakaranya. The Renuka River streams persistently past the Ramgarh hills. The renowned chronicler Cunningham has actually described Ramgarh as the ‘Chitrakoot’ stated in Ramayana. It is likewise thought that the terrific poet Kalidasa penciled the epic ‘Meghdoot’ right here. It was among his most cherished artistic creations.

Tourist Attractions

Hathi Pol

In the reduced component on the north side of Ramgarh is a large cavern, which is nearly 39 meter long, 17 meter high at the beginning factor as well as 17 meter wide. This is called Hathi (Elephant) Pol or Hath Pol. As the name recommends, an elephant can stroll conveniently with the cavern. In the wet period, a gurgling springtime streams from it. Inside, there is a water resource which is called the Sita Kund and also its water is clear.

Sita Bengra

The most mythical and also traditionally essential visitor location of Ramgarh is the Sita Bengra Cavern, or the house of Siren Sita. Situated on a north-eastern incline of the hillock, the Sita Bengra Cavern is 14m long, 4.2 m wide with an elevation of 2m in the front which minimizes on the rear end.

Outside the cavern there are several round friends as well as benches took of old rock. Human impacts in the appropriate edge contribute to the magical mood and also stand statement to the reality that Sitaji resided in the cavern throughout her woodland remain.

Natya Shala

The creative framework of the Sita Bengra Cavern provides us an understanding right into the art types as well as social occasions of the stated time. It is consequently noticeable that the cavern was made use of as a theater throughout olden times.

Art and also theater need to have been really vital types of amusement as well as entertainers have to have been respected for their skill due to the fact that the cavern shows off 50-60 fifty percent round benches. At the entryway, 2 openings are made on the flooring for wood posts utilized to hold drapes.

Extremely comparable to Roman theater, this is among one of the most old Natya Shalas’ on the planet. The total building of the system is exceptionally innovative and also passions enthusiastic chroniclers. Annually, numerous social tasks are arranged at this Natya Shala.


Inside the Sita Bengra Cave are beautiful stone inscriptions or ‘Shilalekh’. Brilliantly crafted stone statues crowd the inside of the cave among which one has a Shilalekh written on its head and feet. Each line of the Shilalekh measures 1m in length and are written in the mysterious Brahmi script.


Another popular cavern discovered in Ramgarh is the Jogimara Cavern. Outside and also inside part of the roof covering birds, blossoms, fishes, trees and also human porcelain figurines are repainted in red, yellow, brownish, environment-friendly and also black.

Gorgeous scenes are showcased on the wall surfaces as well as a chariot driven by 3 equines is discovered to be comparable to Sanchi and also Bharhut art. Consistent wetness has actually done enormous damages to the rock art items, yet they are very considerable due to the reality that they come from the third century.

The Jogimara cavern additionally showcases a fascinating Shilalekh (rock engraving) of 5 lines in pure Magadhi manuscript. This rock engraving is really comparable to those of Samrat Asoka in Brahmi manuscript.


As you move on from the Sita Bengra cavern, a tiny stream makes its program recognized among the bordering hillocks. Astonishingly, the water of this stream is very fresh as well as clear. This little stream is called Turrapani. The mud below is abundant in minerals and also red in colour, which provides this land the name of Tilak Mati.

Mythology has it that Shri Ramchandra placed a tilak on Sitaji’s temple at this area. Parties and also celebration fill up the air with an one-of-a-kind typical fervour. Fairs are arranged below in the months of January-February, March-April and also May-June.

Pauri Darwaja

Made from numerous rock items is a door at the entry of the substantial hillock. Beyond of this entrance, large rock items are hing on wealth. These were when utilized to develop a round wall surface. After the door, there is a system called ‘Kabir Chaura’ which is really the tomb of a Yogi called Dharamdas.

A really adored saint, Dharamdas was the last Yogi of Ramgarh. There is additionally an extremely little opening that takes one to the ‘Vashishta Gufa. Ramgarh is a wonderful location for Caving Tourist.

Singh Darwaja (door)

After the Vashishta cavern you will certainly discover a big door crafted by assembling rocks as well as rocks. What is most unexpected is that this framework has actually stood the test of time on a straight cliff. This location is a popular vacationer location, called the ‘Singh Darwaja’. A run-down staircase (Ganesh Sidi) takes you from the Singh Darwaja to the Ravan Darwaja.

The Ravan Darwaja shows off exciting sculptures of Ravan, Kumbhakaran, a dance lady, Siren Sita as well as Lord Hanuman. Different various other statuaries close by, outfitted in typical garments and also accessory designs appear like the rock art of the Gupta duration. Up of the hill is a stunning holy place devoted to Lord Rama, Lord Laxman, as well as Siren Sita. 61m from the top, is an all-natural cavern externally of a cliff.

The cavern has damp chalk in lots and also after executing petitions, fans are recommended to scrub the white powder on their temple as a divine icon. Simply listed below the cavern, there is a water resource that is incredibly pure. It is claimed that the deepness of this resource never ever alters.


Located on the financial institutions of the Ren River, 8 kilometres in the North of Ramgarh, is Maheshpur. The sacrosanct land of 12 old holy places, Maheshpur is a renowned trip location. The holy places discovered below are mainly devoted to Lord Shiva and also Lord Vishnu.

An extremely uncommon statuary of the Jain Tirthankar Vrishabhanath is located right here. This rock art is thought to be from the 7th-10th century. Maheshpur is an abundant display of art and also society developed by the Kalchuris of the Shaiva Kaal.


P.W.D Shelters are available at Udaipur. There are Dharmashalas at Lakhanpur, hotels and guest houses at Ambikapur.

How to reach

By Air: Raipur (350kms) is the nearest airport well connected to Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Vishakhapatnam and Chennai.

By Rail: There are trains available from Bilaspur, Ambikapur and Vishrampur. By Road: Ramgarh is 3km away from Udaipur located on the Ambikapur – Bilaspur highway. Local taxis and private vehicles are available for transport.

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