Top 10 Best Web Series 2023 Best Most Popular Indian watching web series list

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Top 10 Best Web Series 2023: Top Ten Web Series to Watch it is already 2023 and we have not been particularly wowed by Indian content on streaming platforms this year; nothing as memorable as Scam 1992 or Paatal Lok this year that received universal appreciation among viewers; nonetheless OTT services do their best to give their audiences something that might become the next big thing; IMDb have released their list of “Most Famous Indian Web Series (So Far) of 2023 (Based on Viewer Ratings of Each Show); Ten shows have received user ratings of 7 or better from their audiences

No doubt we all enjoy watching great TV shows. Webseries are designed to do exactly this – providing short versions of premium shows to stream directly on smartphones, computers and streaming devices without advertisements interrupting them. Most webseries are created by independent filmmakers and available through sites such as YouTube or Hulu; in this article we’ll take an in-depth look at some of the hottest webseries currently on offer.

Top 10 Best Web Series 2023

Welcome to 2019, India! Following two years of pandemic-inspired decline, amusement cinemas in India have finally started to make a comeback and can now boast of numerous web series funded through various streaming platforms – giving audiences access to some of India’s best content created right in their own homes!

There is so much to watch these days with regard to web series, and that’s why we compiled our list of the 10 most-watched web series. These top-quality series offer comforting entertainment that’s both educational and relaxing – so what are you waiting for? Start streaming right now!

Top 10 Best Web Series 2023 Best Most Popular indian watching webseries list
Top 10 Best Web Series 2023 Best Most Popular indian watching webseries list

Top 10 Best Web Series 2023 Details

Name of ArticleTop 10 Best Webseries 2023 Best Most Popular Indian watching webseries list
Movie StatusTop 10 Best Webseries
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Top Best Webseries (view wise)

Web Series NamePeak Weekly Views (INDIA)OTT Platform
1.Aasharam Season 312.4 Million viewsMX Player
2.Koffee With Karan Season 712.2 Million viewsDisney Plus Hotstar
3.Panchayat Season 210.9 Million viewsAmazon Prime
4.Rudra Edge of Darkness10.8 Million viewsDisney Plus Hotstar
5.Anupama Namaste America10.6 Million viewsDisney Plus Hotstar
6.Criminal Justice Season 39.2 Million viewsDisney Plus Hotstar
7.Cuttputli8 Million viewsDisney Plus Hotstar
8.Hostel Daze Season 37.6 Million viewsAmazon Prime
9.Breathe: Into Shadows Season 27.4 Million viewsAmazon Prime
10.Home Shanti7.1 Million viewsDisney Plus Hotstar
11.Dahan6.9 Million viewsDisney Plus Hotstar
12.Lockupp Season 16.8 Million viewsMx Player /Alt Balaji
13.Darlings6.7 Million viewsNetflix
14.Great Indian Murder6.3 Million viewsDisney Plus Hotstar
15.Four More Shots Season 36.2 Million viewsAmazon Prime
16.Hostel Daze Season 36.2 Million viewsAmazon Mini TV
17.Modern Love5.5 Million viewsAmazon Prime
18.Babli Bouncer5.5 Million viewsDisney Plus Hotstar
19.Guilty Minds5.2 Million viewsAmazon Prime
20.Good Luck Jerry4.9 Million viewsDisney Plus Hotstar
21.Aashiqana Season 24.6 Million viewsDisney Plus Hotstar
22.Gullak Season 34.4 Million viewsSony Liv
23.Flames Season 34.4 Million viewsAmazon Prime

Top 10 Best Web Series

Are You Searching for something Fun to Watch This Weekend or Looking to Add New Shows to Your Watchlist? Well look no further, as we have everything from comedies to dramas available right here on Netflix – for your viewing pleasure and pleasure! These top ten web series will keep your interest from the very start – the perfect solution to take a mind off life or add another show or series to watch list! Take a peek!

1. Family Man–Amazon Prime

Family Man is one of the most-anticipated Hindi web series. Not only for its captivating plot and outstanding cast – such as Manoj Bajpayee, Shrikant Twari, Samantha, Priyamani etc – but its fans as well. Indian viewers have responded extremely positively and are eagerly awaiting part three. Family Man follows an investigation agency officer employed by National Investigation Agency who travels across India together with his best friend finding criminals that pose threats to society and solving crimes committed against it; facing challenges along the way that their unwavering dedication causes. Family Man was critically received well received by Indian viewers with viewers wanting a third part.

2. Rocket Boys –SonyLIV

Rocket Boys is an autobiographical web series about Homi J Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai, two pioneers of Indian nuclear program who played an instrumental role in revolutionising it. It shows their journeys from revolutionaries to revolutionaries; using three decagons in developing tiny rockets into successful launchers that are among India’s greatest accomplishments.

3. Made In Heaven–Amazon Prime

Next week’s Excellent Web Series in Hindi clearly illustrates that marriages do not spring forth miraculously from heaven; instead they require two couples willing to put forth effort in making their union work. Made in Heaven has gained much acclaim as of late, as its refreshing perspective on marriage formation. Viewers follow two wedding planners as they work on creating stunning ceremonies. They reveal various details and practices that create difficulties prior to marriage, showing how standing by truth leads more than simply telling another member “Yes”, living violently together or making promises without commitments being fulfilled. This series is an essential watch to gain new perspectives on marriages and all that is involved.

4. Paatal Lok–Amazon Prime

Paatal Lok is an Hindi online crime series created and funded by Anushka Sharma that ranks among the best Web Series in Hindi Language. Following its debut announcement, its captivating trailer instantly attracted attention; multiple awards were given out for performances as well as plot and management excellence. It follows a police officer assigned to investigate a case only to become embroiled in criminal underground networks himself – trying to find solutions and justice while remaining neutral himself.

5. Kota Factory–Netflix

Kota Factory, India’s inaugural Black and White series, and rightly placed into the category of Outstanding Web Series in Hindi language is an inspiring tale about education being affected by an array of values that might not always be popular; an account of an IIT candidate from a town with only a few hundred residents who has lofty aspirations but struggles to adapt due to unexpected changes such as moving away from his home town which does not share his visions for success; how this person must deal with changes he or she encounters while living elsewhere despite these goals being shared between communities; all this shows how people who share common problems don’t show themselves; as an IIT candidate from his home town has to deal with issues which come his way in order to succeed at IIT;

6. Undekhi–SonyLIV

Crime thrillers have become an immensely popular genre on Indian Television and are watched by an overwhelming majority of Indian viewers. Andekhi is the next film in The Excellent Web Series in Hindi that takes us deep into a rich, fierce, self-centered family who are willing to commit any crime necessary in order to save characters at any cost – while an extraordinary group of individuals devise a plan to stop these criminals and stop their crime spree. An incredible series that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats until its conclusion! It truly gripping! Best Hindi Web Series!

7. Panchayat–Amazon Prime

Panchayat is one of the most beloved Indian shows. Most viewers find themselves mesmerized by its story and direction in this Web Series titled Panchayat. Launching it during a lockdown made the story even more special and relatable; all too familiar lockdown situations make the plot that much more tangible to viewers; they can relate with an engineer who, due to an absence of opportunities elsewhere, accepts an offer to become secretary for Panchayat in his village of residence and office; then watch as this comedy-drama unfolds itself!

8. Aarya–Hotstar

Aarya, featuring Sushmita Sen, is an eye-catching film. Aarya Sareen plays the protagonist, unaware that her husband had become involved in criminal business activities and went against them in order to protect her children and family. Arya provides an enthralling story about a woman fighting back against wrongdoings committed against herself and her loved ones while striving to safeguard both herself and them in Aarya’s captivating tale of female empowerment and survival.

9. Sacred Games–Netflix

Anurag Kashyap’s films and series are unrivaled, often receiving both critical acclaim and public praise alike. His most noteworthy series to date are his controversial yet audience-pleasing productions such as Sacred Games on Hindi web series that rank high. Based on a novel written by Vikram Chandra and taking place within Mumbai city politics. A police officer quickly discovers unidentified information concerning criminal gangs to protect and expose any further complications and keep Mumbai free of further controversy.

10. Hostel Daze–Amazon Prime

Hostel Daze is an exciting Hindi web series set to make waves this year. Any student or resident of a hostel is sure to relate, especially those late-night discussions, laughter, scandal and tears shared among four buddies living together at an engineering college accommodation complex. Hostel daze highlights these emotions through four characters who share similar living quarters; their friendship deepens over time into something you don’t want to miss!

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