Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World All Time

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Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World All Time: Top 10 Female Boxers of All Time – Female boxing has been around for centuries and its game has experienced numerous fluctuations and peaks over time. But no matter its evolution, there have always been female boxers that manage to stand out. Here, we explore 10 successful female boxers across the world at all time – from champions of the world and undefeated competitors, as well as inspiring others towards success themselves. Who will reach the pinnacle next? Click here and discover more!

DAZN offers an outstanding and regularly-updated women’s Top 10, which takes into account legacy, notable achievements, quality and overall legacy. Let’s move onto five all-time recorded tracks; let’s also celebrate Women’s History Month by looking back on some of history’s best female boxers from Women’s History Month with Sporting News’ profile of some great boxing women from years past!

Top 10 Best Female Boxers

Boxing has long been a favorite sport among women and continues to gain in popularity today. Here, we explore the top ten female boxers ever, looking at their careers, wins and losses as well as why they were such formidable competitors. Are you curious who the top female boxer of all time might be? Continue reading!

Boxing has long been one of the premier sporting events. At 1904’s Olympics, women demonstrated their ability to compete at an equal level against men through demonstration boxing matches between two 13-year-old girls – showing how women are capable of competing at higher levels than males. Unfortunately, however, some countries have banned female boxing altogether and this article lists only effective female boxers from around the globe who currently make waves as boxers. Boxing remains one of today’s favorite sports while women’s field are evolving into something truly revolutionary; so, check out this list!

Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World All Time
Top 10 Best Female Boxers In The World All Time

Top 10 Best Female Boxers Details

Event NameTop 10 Best Female Boxers In The World All Time
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The Rise Of Female Boxing

Women’s boxing has seen an exponential surge in both popularity and status in recent years, yet has a rich legacy of great athletes who helped pave the way for today’s superstars. Women boxing can trace its roots back to 18th century France; unfortunately up until today sports commissioners were unable to approve or issue licenses for professional female boxing thus making the sport illegal; its first official fight took place in England during 1998 before making its Olympic debut at London 2012 Games.

Who Is The Best Female Boxer?

These five women have broken barriers and enabled others, especially female fighters and women, to achieve their goals. Boxing for women has witnessed an explosion of talent which may otherwise not have been noticed; we can now witness amazing feats of female athletes such as 2012 Olympic gold medallist Clarisse Shields who is the sole female or male boxer to hold all four world prestigious titles across two weight divisions simultaneously; undefeated Katie Taylor won five consecutive gold medals during Women’s World Championships; six times during European Championships; five times during European Championships; finally seven-division world champion Amanda Nunes completed her reign over seven-division world Championships.

Top 10 Women’s Boxing Rank

Hearn, longtime Promoter for Matchbook Boxing, recently expressed interest in an unification fight, specifically Lawrence Oolite’s cruiserweight championship pursuit and Anthony Joshua versus Oleksandr Usyk battles as potential candidates. Hearn noted, “Now we’re nearing the brink.” Contracts are currently being finalized between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano who will meet up in April with a weight limit of 135 pounds. Hearn indicated, “Now we’re nearing the brink. Women’s boxing has long been around, yet many of its top fighters lacked competitive opponents capable of creating captivating bouts. That has all changed. Now more than ever. Women’s boxing has found success across multiple weight classes. Clarisse Shields has enjoyed notable amateur successes while Sinise Estrada has proven herself adept at conquering three divisions with ease.

Katie Taylor

  1. Record: 20–0
    Last fight: UD win Firuza Sharipova
    Next fight: TBD

Claressa Shields

  1. Record: 11-0
    Last fight: UD win Marie Eve Dicaire
    Next fight: Ema Kozin

Amanda Serrano

  1. Record: 42-1-1
    Last fight: UD win Miriam Gutierrez
    Next fight: TBD

Seniesa Estrada

  1. Record: 22-0
    Last fight: UD win Maria Micheo Santizo
    Next fight: TBD

Jessica McCaskill

  1. Record: 11-2
    Last fight: TKO win Kandi Wyatt
    Next fight: TBD

Mikaela Mayer

  1. Record: 16-0
    Last fight: Maiva Hamadouche
    Next fight: TBD

Delfine Persoon

  1. Record: 46-3
    Last fight: RTD win Beatriz Aguilar
    Next fight: TBD

Savannah Marshall

  1. Record: 11-0
    Last fight: TKO win Lolita Muzeya
    Next fight: TBD

Christina Hammer

  1. Record: 27-1
    Last fight: TKO vs Daniele Bastieri
    Next fight: TBD

Alycia Baumgardner

  1. Record: 11-
  2. Last fight: TKO win Terri Harper
  3. Next fight: TBD

Top 10 Greatest Female Boxers Ever

Boxing is typically considered an arena dominated by men; therefore, its list of female boxers of all time largely comprises men. But that does not imply there aren’t female fighters capable of competing alongside male boxers on equal terms in the ring; there have been many impressive female boxers with impressive records and honors who have become notable boxers; in this article we review ten most iconic female fighters throughout history.

Lucia Rijker

Lucia Rijker was one of the most well-known female fighters ever. Known as the Dutch Destroyer and with an unbeaten boxing career that included 14 knockouts she became one of three female fighters honored by being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Ann Wolfe

Ann Wolfe was widely considered the greatest female athlete of all time before she retired in 2006. During her 16-fight knockout streak she defeated 16 out of 26 opponents with successful knockouts before retiring in 2006.

Laila Ali

Laila Ali’s name is well-known to many. Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest heavyweights ever, is her father; but Laila earned her own place in women’s boxing with two victories and world titles at super-middleweight and light-heavyweight respectively – matching legendary Henry Armstrong by simultaneously holding three world championships simultaneously! Laila became IBA’s light-heavyweight champ in 2004 – becoming an unparalleled champion.

Claressa Shields

Claressa Shields stands as one of the premier female fighters currently active. To date, Claressa has unification at super-middleweight and light-middleweight levels as well as being undisputed champion at middleweight. Additionally, Shields holds two consecutive Olympic medals from 2012-2016 as an American boxer and also holds the fastest three-weight and two-weight world champion title in paid competition history.

Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor has enjoyed an extraordinary career both as an amateur and professional boxer, winning five world amateur championships as well as the Olympic Gold medal in 2012. To date she is considered one of the leading women boxing fighters.

Cecilia Braekhus

Cecilia Braekhus has become known as “the first lady” of female boxing since 2014. As undisputed champion at welterweight since 2014, her unsurpassed pound-for-pound record remains legendary today. Furthermore, Cecilia holds all 26 alphabet titles as an uncontested champion; also serving as longest-running female champ and being honored as first recipient of Boxing Writers Association of America Female Fighter of the Year award.

Amanda Serrano

Puerto Rican boxing legend Amanda Serrano holds nine world championship titles across seven different weight classes. Popularly dubbed as “Real Deal,” this talented southpaw has twice received WBN’s Woman Fighter of the Year Award during her distinguished career.

Regina Halmich

Regina Halmich was one of the world’s most acclaimed female boxers and an invaluable part of female boxing in Europe. Before her retirement from boxing in 2007, this German star held titles as world champion for both 3 flyweight and Super-flyweight divisions, suffering only one defeat over 56 bouts.

Christy Martin

Christy Martin was one of the pioneers in female boxing and was honored with induction into the Boxing Hall of Fame after an impressive 23-year career, known as “Coal Miner’s Daughter”. Her legendary fights against some of the sport’s top fighters culminated in 2012.

Mia St. John

Mia St. John was known for her success at light-middleweight and lightweight weight classes during her 21-year career, beginning in 1997 and continuing up until 2016. Competing across 65 ring competitions between 1997 and 2016, this Mexican-American engaged in 65 contests across five classes.

Who Are The Greatest Female Boxers Of All Time?

Women’s History Month marks a time to recognize some of the greatest female boxers ever; women who set new standards in their sport while showing incredible courage when faced with obstacles. Five famous female boxers stand out for Women’s History Month by leaving an indelible mark on boxing history, inspiring young women to pick up gloves themselves and becoming pioneers within it. Their achievements–in terms of fighting obstacles like sexism, racism and domestic violence – show just how crucial it is that girls remain girls while thriving against all odds.

  • Barbara Buttrick
  • Marian Trimiar
  • Lucia Rijker
  • Christy Martin
  • Laila Ali
  • Conclusio


Boxing has long been perceived as a male-dominated sport; however, women have shown their adaptability and strength over the decades. Elizabeth Wilkinson became the first female boxer ever in history and created an example for other female boxers that followed in her footsteps. She entered boxing during an era where violence, aggression, rage, retaliation and arousal were commonplace and seemingly discriminatory towards male boxers. Since that time however, female boxers have taken up boxing and made history through incredible achievements and triumphs – here we present our list of history’s Top 10 Female Boxers which takes into account professional accomplishments records as well as any impacts they had on the sport.

We will explore the impact of female octagon fighters when we explore their strategies and tactics. The list was assembled based on their reputations and legal battles; therefore, you may find our list differs from your opinion. You are welcome to debate or classify each item on it as we present our list; let us know if we missed anything else too. Women boxers seem to be making great strides toward higher levels of boxing performance than ever before; yet not all female boxers can meet these challenges and seem ahead. Words like divine fierce and competitive can heighten the intensity of their boxing even further.

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