Rock Paintings of Chhattisgarh

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Rock Paintings of Chhattisgarh

Where classic innovative expressions create an important part of nationwide heritage … Chhattisgarh stands apart mainly for its huge woodland cover, mineral wide range as well as considerable existence of ethnic people. There is even more to these typically well-known realities concerning the state. For those that like to discover the much less beaten courses, Chhattisgarh is an outstanding selection with its myriad marvels. Cavern art as well as rock craft going back to the pre-historic period is just one of one of the most fascinating topics for researchers, travelers as well as rock hounds. Chhattisgarh is a gold mine of Rock Age male’s rock paints.

These supply a fresh viewpoint on the lives they lived, their social and also social rate of interests. The atmosphere as well as tones of nature come active via age old rock paints. The visibility of a variety of pre-historic websites raises its setting amongst the leading traveler locations of India. These classical times associate an unique location for Chhattisgarh amongst those couple of states that had a popular function in the old people of the nation. One of the most crucial of these pre-historic remains are the rock paints of Chhattisgarh that can be identified in greater than 31 websites throughout the state.

These rock paints matter from the historical as well as historic perspectives. They disclose the life and also society of a human being that grew years earlier in a land which we understand just in its contemporary look. This is where Chhattisgarh orders the focus of a visitor that does not consider it from the academic perspective. The rock paints show the mastery and also development of an age which we normally describe as primitive as well as make certain to take an observer by large admiration.

The expedition for rock paints in Chhattisgarh was originally begun in 1910 by Anderson. In the Indian Paints area of Encyclopaedia Britannica, the 13th line has the reference of the rock paints of Singhanpur, situated in Raigarh. In between 1923-1927, Amarnath Dutt executed different expedition tasks. Notable job was additionally done by Dr. N. Ghosh, and also H. Yard. Later on, Pt. Shri. Lochan Prasad Pandey removed tons of info pertaining to the rock paints.

Various Rock Painting Sites


This website is positioned regarding 20 kilometres northwest of Raigarh on the Raigarh– Kharsiya roadway. The cavern has rock paints, which have actually come to be substantially pale. They represent a ladder male, mermaids, animal numbers, searching scenes and also far more. Usually reeled in red ochre, paints of numerous pets can likewise be seen in the Singhanpur cavern. Kabra Pahar: Simply 8 kilometres to the eastern of the Raigarh management centre, rock paints in red ochre can be discovered. These paints remain in a much better state of conservation as well as reveal the turtle, wild buffalo, human numbers, geometric styles and so on.


Found 72 kilometres north of Raigarh (6 kilometres southeast from Dharmjaigarh), are the Bani Hills. These hillsides are residence to greater than a 100 rock paints. It interests understand that this sanctuary has several superimpositions of paints. Large humped bulls and also enhanced head equipments of human numbers are unique to this sanctuary. Imaginative dancing kinds have actually likewise been represented with fantastic ability in the rock paints of Ongna.


If you take a trip simply 30km north of Raigarh, you stumble upon 325 enchanting rock paints at Karmagarh. Geometric styles, multi-coloured numbers of people as well as pets make it a well-known vacationer destination.


The unlimited prize of art remains to appeal travelers at Khairpur, which is positioned concerning 12 kilometres north of Raigarh near Tilakhol tank. There are a number of dance scenes as well as animal numbers coming from the pre-historical duration existing in the sanctuaries right here.


Situated on the Bilaspur-Raigarh roadway is Kharsiya. Simply 8km to the west of Kharsiya is the Botalda town. On the uneven variety right here is a cavern called the Singh Gufa, situated at an elevation of 2000ft. One-of-a-kind rock paints varying from the Mesolithic to the Historic duration can be discovered below. These consist of animal numbers, human numbers, searching scenes, and also geometric styles. Bhanwarkhol: Regarding 66 kilometres northwest of Raigarh or 12 kilometres from Bilaspur on the Bilaspur-Kharsiya roadway, in between the towns of Sutighat as well as Patrapali, rock paints are discovered in capitals of arrays. These are likewise recognized by the name of Bhanwarkhol. Below, we encounter paints of mermaids, wild buffaloes, bear, searching scenes, hand impacts, geometric layouts, and also Swastikas. A few of the paints have actually been severely influenced by weathering. These rock paints are developed from white rock as well as various other various coloured rocks.


Amargufa is situated about 11 km south of the Sonabarsa village, which is just 2 km from Kharsiya on the main road. Here animal figures, human figures, hunting scenes etc. are depicted.


This site is situated on the Bilaspur – Raigarh road near the Patrapali village. Agricultural activities like a farmer working in the field, and different animals are depicted through paintings at the shelters in Sutighat.


A rock shelter located near Sarangarh has animal figures, detailed hunting scenes, and human figures pictured through beautiful rock paintings.

Siroli Dongri

5 kilometres to the northwest of Sarangarh Nagar are the rock paints of Siroli Dongri. Really unusual as well as special, this rock shelter website is sculpted in sand rock as well as comes from the Chandrapuri teams of Chhattisgarh. Human numbers, animal numbers, searching scenes, dancing scenes, hand perceptions, watercraft like numbers, lots of geometric numbers and also some weird looking pests are all crafted in red ochre. The well created cupules, after that counted to be 37, are sculpted right into a straight rock bed under a normally developed umbrella kind of rock development.


As you enter the dense bamboo jungle at Bhaisgarh, located at 32 km northeast of Raigarh, you can find four rock shelters with rock paintings that have started fading out. There are geometrical designs, and animal figures illustrated at Bainipat.


About 33 km northwest of Kanker, in the village of Udkunda in Tehsil Charama, rock paintings are located at three places, viz. Jogibaba place, Chanda Parka, and Kachari. You can see palm and foot impressions along with different animal figures here.


While going on the Charama-Kanker road, 12km from Kanapod is the Garagoudi village. The hilly ranges here are home to beautiful rock paintings. The Sheetalamata Place has a few carvings of animals that have dulled over a period of time.


About 34 km northwest of Kanker, rock paintings of human and animal figures, archer, bullock cart etc. are found at Balera. This art belongs to the late historical period and intrigues tourists, archaeologists and adventurers all alike.


About 12km from Kanker, this rock art site is located in the Kulgaon village. The paintings, mostly of animals, belong to the Upper Palaeolithic period. Kanhagaon: As you go from Kanker towards the west you come to Devri. 20km from there is Pedhapal, where rock paintings of human figures and animals are found.

Gotitola- Charama: Ancient figures are depicted in a place named Sitaramguda in Madhubanpara. Madhubanpara is located in the Gotitola village. Here, figures related to the legend of Lord Rama are drawn.


In Koriya, rock shelters are located in the Sonhat area’s Badra Hills. Animal figures and intriguing human daily life scenes are depicted in a rich white colour.


In the Janakpur region, on the Murrergarh Mountains, rock shelters called Kohbahur are located. They give us a glimpse of the environment and fauna life during pre-historic times. Chitwa Dongri: This rock painting site is located in the Sahgaon Village. Paintings are done in red ochre. The rock paintings have a Chinese figure riding a donkey, figures of dragons and depictions of agricultural activity.


There are luxury hotels available in Raipur and Tourist Department rest houses too are great for a comfortable stay.

How to reach

By Air: Raipur is the nearest airport well connected to Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Ranchi, Vishakhapatnam and Chennai.

By Rail

There are trains available from Bilaspur, Raigarh and Raipur on the Howrah-Bombay mainline.

By Road

Local taxis and private vehicles can be hired from Raipur.

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