PSA Login 2023 UTI PSA Login PSA UTIITSL and PAN Card Registration

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PSA Login 2023: The UTI Technology Services Limited was first established in 1993 as UTIITSL. Under the Companies Act of 2013, their operations are regulated while registration under Act 1956 occurs simultaneously. They offer various services that generate income for banks and government institutions as well as being registered with SEBI for providing PAN cards, share transfer agents as well as share sharing agents verification procedures – UTI is well known throughout India for these offerings.

UTI infrastructure and limited services has developed a user-friendly service portal website. PSA ID holders may log-in using PSA’s portal; user ID and password credentials are needed; however, PSA users must create their own password to gain entry to the website – although their role as Administrator doesn’t change with each new account created.

PSA Login 2023

UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited (UTIITSL), is another name for UTI PSA (PAN Service Organization). PSA issues PAN cards to employees, service providers and government departments in an easy one-turn stage; you can request new Dish cards or verify existing ones with ease. Most individuals living in India prefer signing up without going online but there are exceptions who sign themselves up with supporting evidence.

UTI Infrastructure Technology & Service Limited has designed an easy and user-friendly web portal for you to gain access to services you require, PSA ID holders are granted access to it, while login credentials (a username and password) must be created to access this portal; PSA users need not sign up separately in order to gain entry; all that remains open parts can act as heads.

PSA Login 2023 UTI PSA Login PSA UTIITSL and PAN Card Registration
PSA Login 2023 UTI PSA Login PSA UTIITSL and PAN Card Registration

PSA UTIITSL and PAN Card Registration Overview

ServicesPan Card Apply, Correction, Duplicate PAN, etc.
Apply ModeOnline
Official website


UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited (UTIITSL), previously called UTI Technology Services Limited (UTITSL), was formed under the previous UTI and established as a limited liability entity to provide services to UTI customers who participated in scheme offerings. Under Section 617 of the Company Act 1956 and subsequent to passing of Unit Trust of India (Transfer of Undertaking and Repeal) Act 2002, this public company was classified as such.

UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited (UTIITSL), established in 1993 as a state-owned entity to assist government and financial sectors of India via outsourcing and technology services. Since 1993, it has become India’s largest financial services company, acting as both Registrar in Category 1 and Transfer Agent recognized by SEBI. UTIITSL provides services to investors through AMCs for mutual funds, corporate bond/deposit/shareholder accounts as well as government companies.


UTI PSA is a type of urinary tract infection, often caused by Escherichia coli bacteria; however, other strains may also trigger UTIs. UTT PSA symptoms may resemble other forms of UTIs in terms of frequency of urination and burning sensation upon peeing as well as cloudy urine production, but it’s essential to realize that UTI PSA could sometimes be more serious and require treatment.

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How to login to the UTI PSA web page?

  • Navigate to the UTIITSL website using this link.
  • By going directly to the login page.
  • Providing both your public announcement username and the secret code.
  • Enter the code, pressing “Submit” or the “Submit” click.

To register with UTI PSA administrative officer or their distributor/administrative staff can assist them with registration procedures.

How to Acquire PSA login ID?

  • First, users need to register with and then apply for a PSA Login ID.
  • Next, upload required documents before filling out an application form with all the information requested by PSA Login ID.
  • When complete, confirm and click “Submit.”
  • To continue, simply enter your mobile phone number and email address.
  • Your PSA password will then be processed and distributed accordingly.

The First Time PSA Login Process

These documents offer information on the ways we manage and share the personal data we collect with third parties, as well as our privacy policy, which offers more details on our practices. When joining PSA membership you must provide certain details about yourself such as email address and name to gain access to its features and services; once this process has been completed and your welcome email with directions has arrived you’ll have complete access to your account.

Users should log-in, then change their password to their desired one in order to safeguard personal data. Changing your password as part of PSA Identity Holder management is easy and mandatory – once done a new password will need to be entered before being able to log back in after having changed it.

  • Visit the UTI PSA website.
  • View its menu page to see your BIT SPAN ID appear there.
  • Then sign up at UTIITSL page.
  • Providing access to mutual funds as well as PAN registration services.
  • On the website you will be provided with access to your desired service’s download link.

PSA UTIITSL And PAN Card Registration

The Public Service Academy of the University of the Philippines (PSA U-IT-SI-T-SL) is an elite postgraduate and graduate institution offering top quality programs in public administration, public services and administration for public officials. Recognized for its research expertise and unparalleled academic programs, PSA U.IT.SI was established by government in 1948 as a non-profit corporation committed to offering top-quality opportunities to people of all ages across both country and globe while simultaneously strengthening communities worldwide. PSA U-IT-SI T-SL provides individuals with opportunities to build both educationally and professionally while helping their local communities – an opportunity not available elsewhere!

  • On the homepage, you will find PSA UTIITSL account registration link.
  • registration forms will be accessible there.
  • When reading and agreeing with all conditions and terms of PSA UTIITSL account registration form.
  • Once finished reading all terms and conditions.
  • When filling out application form you need to enter all contact information for yourself.
  • Your name mobile number location information for account activation process.
  • Enter the PAN number into the PSA sign-up page.
  • Followed by clicking submit.


An acknowledgment message is then generated by the system and, as part of a public service announcement (PSA), an educational PSA suggests that society as a whole needs to take greater responsibility in protecting our privacy online. Modern connectivity makes it easy to share personal data online without realizing. This could include anything from bank account numbers and passwords, to more sensitive material like medical records and private opinions. Data like this can easily be accessed by anyone, which could result in identity theft, social or political control and various other risks. Therefore it is vital that we take measures to protect our online privacy and ensure no third parties gain access to our personal information.

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