Mainpat Chhattisgarh : Shimla of Chhattisgarh

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Mainpat Chhattisgarh : Shimla of Chhattisgarh

Famously known as the Shimla of Chhattisgarh, Mainpat is a plateau located at a height of 1099m from the sea level. Out of this area 226 sq. km. is a dense forest cover. This entire plateau is called Mainpat.

Spread over a location of 368 sq. km., this plateau supplies awesome sights of Nature. Melodiously vocal singing streams, with dignity moving relaxing rivers, as well as thick woodlands overflowing with abundant plants and also animals enchant numerous tourists. Ayurvedic natural herbs, uncommon plants and also vivid selections of avifauna perk up the gorgeous plateau.

Mainpat includes 24 towns with a complete populace of 25000. Mainpat is genuinely a covert treasure, with great deals of experience waiting for vacationers in its eco-friendly inclines, stunning valleys, delicately moving creeks, undiscovered falls, as well as virgin woodlands.

Historic Importance

After the India-China battle in 1962-63, Tibetan Refugees picked the plateau and also today, the Tibetan populace right here is roughly 1800. Extremely abundant in their origins, Tibetans have actually kept their dynamic society as well as Buddhist flavour. An extremely genuine and also very distinct lifestyle, Buddhism supplies the method to Paradise. Based in Surguja, individuals right here provide a cozy joy to the visitors, offering a glance of their Buddhist society that goes beyond all faiths.

Buddha Temple

This is the only holy place committed to Lord Buddha in Chhattisgarh, and also one of the most genuine Buddhist routines are done below daily. One of the most intriguing feature of this holy place is that several Tibetan marital relationships have actually been held below in wonderful consistency.

One of the most well-known Tibetan events are commemorated in this holy place, these consist of: The day of Lord Buddha’s First Speech after Knowledge, The Day Lord Buddha returned from paradise to fulfill his mom after acquiring Bliss, New Year, and also Dalai Lama’s Birth Day.

This holy place is of unique passion to different vacationers due to the fact that it has the uncommon convergence of Surguja’s simplified Adivasi society as well as Tibetan Buddhist society. Mainpat draws in lots of vacationers from all faiths, not just because of its awesome all-natural elegance yet likewise as a result of numerous societies existing in harmony.

Tiger Point

At the centre of the Mahadev Muda River, where the woodland cover is exceptionally thick, there is a lovely falls that drops from an elevation of 60m. Because this was an area noted by Tigers, it became referred to as the Tiger Factor. Now the river goes to its most stunning finest as well as bordered by great deals of medical natural herbs. The Federal government has actually built barriers to ensure that tourists and also visitors can appreciate the awesome sights from here.

The fire watch tower built below is wonderful for checking out the remarkable environments at this location. The positioning and also use this tower for fire safety and security, woodland security as well as tourist objectives has actually been significantly valued by numerous authorities.

Machali Point

Enveloped in the deep chain of mountains, is the tidy river called Machali Nadi. Loaded with little fishes, this river drops deeper, developing a stunning falls. This factor is called the Machali Factor and also the elevation of the falls is 48m. Via the beads as well as haze of the dropping water, capitals look much more thrilling.

Below, you can additionally see an 80m falls, cascading like milklike white satin. This falls is appropriately called the Galaxy. For rock hounds as well as conservationists, this factor is of unique relevance. Numerous water sporting activities can be appreciated below as well as travelers can reclaim memories of a thrilling and also electrifying experience.


Located in between woodland division caution factor no. 2328 and also 2329, Damil, Parpatiya offers unrestricted all-natural charm and also heart-stirring environments. Lots of amazing factors can be seen from Parpatiya, mainly-Bandarkot Hills, Raksamada Caves, Dulha-Dulhan Hill, Banral Dam, Shyam Ghunghutta Dams and also Sanna Hills. The Chhattisgarh Tourist Board has actually produced a place for Journey Sporting activities right here. Vacationers can take pleasure in paragliding right here.

Mehta Point

Just 8km away from Mainpat, this spectacular waterfall is embraced by tall mountain ranges. Blending together the borders of Surguja and Raigarh, the Mehta Point is a must visit for all travellers. Comfortable shelters of the Forest Department are available to tourists. The Mehta Point is very much reachable by private vehicles.

Dev Pravah (Jaljali)

This beautiful stream located in Kamleshwar, flows incessantly, later falling into an 80m waterfall. This waterfall is called the Dev Pravah and is extremely famous for rich herbs and medicinal plants that grow around it. Enriched with unique flora and fauna, this waterfall offers the tourists an interesting getaway in the proximity of nature.


Chhattisgarh is a land of mysterious caves, and Mainpat is no exception here. The caves of Mainpat include – Bandarkot (32km), Raksamada (32km), Bhalumada (8km), and Paiga Khoh (15km).

Adventure Zone

The prime adventure zones in Mainpat are, the Parpatiya (28km), and Matipur (22km).

Cultural Delight

A beautiful blend of various cultures can be enjoyed at Mainpat. The main delights are Tribal Village, Avgava and Tibetan Camps.


Different pilgrim destinations welcome you to this sacrosanct land. These include Buddha Math (2km), Kala Mandir (16km), Banjara Temple. (12 km). Jungleshwar Temple (18km), Shivalaya (12km), Panhi Pakhna (36km), and Dulha Dulhan (31km).

Forests & Valleys

Bathed in rich green foliage, Mainpat blushes in green with beautiful valleys like – Kadnai (28km), Kardna (26km), Sakriya (16km), Govindpur (21km), and Paiga (15km).


Give in to the enigmatic charms of a blissful orchard that blossoms with Nashpati, Litchi and Mango plantations. Rightly known as Bagicha, it is located in Kankuri which is accessible via the Raigarh-Jashpur Highway (167km).

Beautiful Ghats

A real heaven for nature fans as well as conservationists, the Raina Sanna Ghats of Bagicha allure the visitors with their beautiful appeal. Far from the scorching warmth of the summertime, Bagicha provides a cooler retreat right into the calm as well as gusty Ghats. While on your method to these woodlands, the mango, litchi as well as nashpati trees lure tourists with their charm as well as fruit-laden sweet taste.

Vibrant blossom beds and also lush-green fields are constantly being plentiful with vivid butterflies, birds as well as chirpy audios. Invite to heaven, and also really feel to life in these yards! Take a hassle-free walk below as the abundant flower fragrance floats with the air, revitalizing the heart.

Rani Jhula

Located at Rani Jhula is the origin of Eeb River. A holy Kund has been built at the origin of the Eeb River. The sparkling golden sand of the Eeb River is known to have pieces of jewels in it. This is famously known as the Rani Jhula.

Badalkhol Wildlife Sanctuary

Located on the Raigarh Jashpur Freeway, the Badalkhol Haven covers a sprawling104 sq. kilometres. Like the various other wild animals refuges, an abundant range of plants as well as animals are discovered below. There are evergreen sal woodlands, valuable teak wood woodlands as well as combined woodlands of various top qualities in the Badalkhol Wild Animals Shelter.

The essential varieties in the refuge are deer, chinkara, and also gazelle. Discovered in lots are the nilgai, sambhar, chausingha, sloth bear, wild boar, jackal and also hyena. Amongst the birds there are peacock, chicken, pigeon, quail, parrot and also stork. A great deal of rare birds can be seen in these refuges and also it is as a result taken into consideration to be a bird spectator’s heaven. If fortunate, you might additionally obtain a possibility to satisfy a bison.

Kailash Gufa (Gahira Guru Ashram)

Just 10km far from Bagicha, is the delicately taken cavern framework committed to Shri Rameshwar Master Gahira Baba. Exchanged an Ashram, this framework is totally all-natural as well as took of rock. Pupils throng in multitudes to this Gurukul in order to obtain knowledge. The holy place as well as general charm of the Ashram is incredibly sacrosanct as well as lovely.

Among the well-known ‘Rishi Kula’ customs, this cave-temple teems with gurgling streams and also plant. There are great deals of holy places in these caverns. On the celebration of Mahashivratri a big celebration is arranged right here. Significant tourist attractions of this area are the Holy place of Shiva-Parvati, Yagya Mandap, Sanskrit College, Gahira Expert Ashram as well as Badh Mathematics.

Coloured Earth

Based on the banks of the Geur River is Pandhrapath and close to that is Chundapath. It is here that naturally coloured earth is found. This mystical wonder attracts various tourists here.

Lekha Patthar

On the way to the Badalkhol Wildlife Sanctuary from Bagicha, a beautiful ock with mysterious inscriptions steals the breath of scientists and geologists away! The inscriptions are at a humanly unreachable height and definitely an archaeological attraction.


The ancient historical Shiva temple and stone inscriptions found in this ‘God’s own Corner is a growing tourist attraction. Located in the Kanhesar Village of Bagicha Vikas Khand, the Deurkona is an interesting historical site.

Waterfalls of Bagicha

The cascading waterfalls of Bagicha add beauty to the luxuriant gardens here. There are four spectacular waterfalls here:

Rajpuri Waterfall: Located at a distance of just 3kms, this waterfall is embraced by lush green hills of the Rajpuri Mountains. Falling from a height of 50ft, this milky wonder is a dream-come-true for nature lovers.

Darabghagh Waterfall: The beautiful waterfall located in the place of Darabghagh recreates paradise on earth. The foamy, bubbling water helps the growth of luscious green trees.

Mahnaighagh Waterfall: Near Bagicha, is a place called Mahnaighagh. The Mahnaighagh waterfall is surrounded by the hills covered with earth’s green carpet, and this waterfall adds beauty to the scenic setting.

Vechavar Waterfall: Situated in the village of Sulekha in Bagicha, the Vechavar Waterfall falls from a great height creating a vista of various waterfalls. The sunlight dances across the water, spreading different colours of joy!

Sanna: Just 25km away from Bagicha, is a beautiful place called Sanna. Bubbling with streams, dense forests and picturesque settings, Sanna is every nature lover’s favourite spot. However, what attracts tourists the most is the mystical Khudiyarani Caves.

Khudiyarani Caves

Maa Khudiyarani is the Siren of the Korva Tribes. Situated in Bagicha, Rouni Sanna, the Khudiyarani Caves can be gotten to by getting down 30-40 ft. Right opposite a moving rivulet is the Khudiyarani Cavern. The cavern is long, and also holds the enigma of a past period. An antiquated sculpture maintained right here is understood to be of Siren Khudiyarani.

Tale has it that the king of the Korva people recovered his land because of the true blessings of Siren Khudiyarani. The adored divine being of Sanna land, it is thought that Siren Khudiyarani eliminates the discomfort as well as suffering of all her fans.

English author E. D. Brett has actually covered this idolizer to be a representation of Buddhism. At the end of the cavern, a constantly lit light spreads light. The cavern resembles an entry right into an enormous tree dome. The enigma as well as appeal of the Khudiyarani Caves charms all the travelers that want to pay their aspects to the Siren as well as appreciate caving tourist.


Saila Tourist Resort operated by Chhattisgarh Tourism Board, 2 Room forest department shelters are available. Apart from that, Ambikapur via Darima (55km) one can reach luxury hotels and authentic Dharmashalas.

How to reach

By Air: Raipur (100kms) is the nearest airport well connected to Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Ranchi, Vishakhapatnam and Chennai. By Rail: There are trains available from Bilaspur (240km) to Ambikapur.

By Road: Mainpat is reachable by buses, taxis and private vehicles from Ambikapur (65km) and Raigarh (193km).

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