LIC Login 2023 How to Register LIC E-services at Customer-Portal

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LIC Login 2023: LIC’s e-services enable customers to take advantage of an array of services without visiting an office, including grievance and payment processing, policy monitoring and loan/bonus status monitoring. Life Insurance Corporation of India has taken steps to offer customers efficient solutions for their insurance needs online with their e-Services platform; many options that were previously only accessible physically visiting a branch are now accessible remotely through this innovative program allowing you to use this service from home without hassles!

Life insurance policyholders have access to various services through LIC E-Services, including claim submission online, premium payment and managing policies. Policyholders can get help with their policies through the chat option provided through LIC E-Services, regardless of whether or not they reside in India. All nationalities are welcome – not just residents. Insurance policies relating to life and units are among the many plans offered by this firm. Digital methods have taken over from manual procedures within the corporation, so policyholders are now able to pay their premiums via wallets, mobile apps and online platforms.

LIC Login 2023

Prior to using electronic services offered through LIC, policyholders must register via their website. Registration takes just minutes; we’ll outline it step-by-step here. Life insurance policies offer policy holders peace of mind and an emergency fund – something many find essential. Unfortunately, however, finding a trustworthy insurer may prove more challenging than expected. Individuals sometimes experience difficulty accessing their benefits or receive subpar service from life insurers. One such provider, Indian Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has provided superior policyholder service since 1956 when they first came into being. Since then they have served thousands of Indian inhabitants.

Welcome back, LIC (Life Insurance Corporation). As you may remember from 2023, I worked for an insurance company; now, however, I’ve transitioned into an online service supplier (DSP)! What this means to you is that we’re constantly exploring innovative solutions to help protect and manage your life – this includes offering our self-service platform which gives access to vital life insurance information online as well as making changes directly via an intuitive self-service platform – plus additional products and services such as annuities and investments options as well as plans designed to safeguard loved ones’ futures!

LIC Login 2023 How to Register LIC E-services at Customer-Portal
LIC Login 2023 How to Register LIC E-services at Customer-Portal

How to Register LIC E-services Details

Name Of ArticleHow to Register LIC E-services
LIC E-servicesClick Here
Official WebsiteClick Also

Benefits of LIC Online Services

Online financial services provide numerous advantages for planning and administration. First, users can easily access their data from anywhere at any time – making it simpler to monitor expenses and invest at home or at work without incurring additional fees from traditional advisors or planners. Plus internet-based services tend to be much less costly!

Try online services today – you may be amazed at how easily you can manage your finances and money with help, and how much better off you feel as a result! Use LIC of India login portal for accessing essential options like the status of policy number, benefit illustration and questions regarding nominee status or premium nominee status; clients no longer need to visit branches regularly with this access portal reducing time as well as money wasted visiting branches regularly! It is time for clients to move away from traditional login methods!

After signing into their LIC Log-in portal, members are able to use various online services available as official members, such as:

  • Check your claim status
  • Make payments online for premium
  • Renew the policy online
  • Add nominees online
  • file claims directly online (using our platform)
  • Acquire insurance quotes online
  • Register complaints
  • Before proceeding to make the loan payment
  • Policies, Conditions & Other Features
Who is Eligible to Register for LIC Online Services?

LIC is a state-owned and managed financial services business in India. Anyone living in India and possessing an Indian Identity Card including passport can register online with this financial services business. When signing up you’ll need basic personal details including first and last names as well as phone number and email address as well as proof of your identity such as utility bills or bank statements for verification purposes. Newcomers could apply for one from local offices.

  • Existing customers can log-in to the official online site using the LIC log-in page and login.
  • Utilizing the LIC online login portal is totally free of charge. While spouse registration may be possible, registration of children must occur separately in order to use this LIC log-in website and gain access. Both you and your children should hold insurance policies to be eligible.
  • Minor children looking to access LIC online services must sign up before turning 18; upon reaching this age, a unique account ID will be generated for that user.
  • Married couples must separate register their policies instead of sharing one account.

Knowledge of and compliance with the LIC login procedure are becoming more essential before beginning use of their services. So what can I tell you? For an in-depth guide on how to log into LIC of India step-by-step, check out this article.

LIC Login : LIC New User Registration

At L-I -C we are delighted to unveil a brand new design and style for our registration platform for users. The updated version offers cleaner interface, easier navigation and access to important features with greater efficiency than before. In addition, new features have been implemented such as multiple email address registration and additional payment options. If you have any queries or require help using L-I -C, don’t hesitate to contact us through or using the “Contact us” button located in the upper right-hand corner on screen.

  • Visit LIC India at then select “Customer Portal” under “Online Services”
  • Click on the “New user” link on LIC’s e Services page
  • Complete your registration by providing information such as policy number, premium amount, birth date etc. When finished click “proceed”.

Under “Enroll Policies”, located on the left-hand right side of your screen, you can enroll your policy and access its details. Select “View Policies.” “View policies that have been enrolled” option is also provided; once confirmed manually human test must also be run to observe your chosen arrangements.

LIC Channels and Modes of Premium Collection

Policyholders with access to an insurance company website have the ability to pay their premiums electronically or with cash at official branch offices or online. Furthermore, policyholders have other payment options available. They may pay by cash at branch offices, online payments, electronic payment (ECS mandate provided to bank) and then direct debiting directly from account when due date arrives for policy. Here we have provided all available premium payment channels in LIC in tabular format for ease of understanding.

LIC’s Website Modes of PaymentDebit CardCredit CardNet bankingOnline Wallet
FranchiseesSuvidha InfoserveMP onlineAP onlineEasy Bill Pay
Authorized BanksCorporate BanksAxis Bank
MerchantRetired LIC Employee CollectionLife-Plus (SBA)Premium Point Agent
LIC Login to Make Online Premium Payment with Registration

Log into your LIC account using your username and password, and click to make online premium payment. Select your payment method of preference, enter all necessary details, and submit payment. After successfully submitting payment, a confirmation email with an online link to review account details will be sent directly to you – giving you access to make payments any day or time during the week from any location with LIC accounts.

  • Go to the official LIC website and select “Customer Portal” under “Online Services.”
  • When presented, choose the option for Registered user in LIC’s e Services page
  • To sign-in using Customer as your role and providing username, password and birth date as necessary.
  • For your own details, to review them please log onto the Customer Portal and select “Self or Policies.”
  • From here you should look for “Pay Premium”, should any outstanding premium be due. Otherwise check its due date as this might change over time.
  • To continue, provide all necessary details by selecting “Pay Premium option. Select your method of payment – be it Net Banking, debit cards or credit cards – then choose one method as appropriate.

Your knowledge of The L IC online and how to pay monthly premiums has increased significantly, so let’s now discover how you can pay without needing to register first.

LIC Login to Make Online Premium Payment Without Registration

Explore LCI Online Premium Payment service to make premium payments without difficulty or delay. It is available to all LIC policyholders of various ages and allows payment through mobile and online applications, making signing up simple with us and securely making payments hassle free – with no hidden fees or non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). Just pay online now and reap its benefits immediately!

  • Once logged in to LIC India (, select “Pay Premium Online.”
  • You’ll then be taken to a webpage which offers two payment methods – “Direct Pay” and “Through Customer Portal”. Simply click on one option (Direct Pay or Through Customer Portal). To pay Directly click here
  • Your internet payment of LIC premiums will take you directly to a page for payment of premiums online. On this page, fill in all relevant details including birth date, email address and mobile phone number as well as clicking “Manual Human Test Click to Submit Form”.
  • To complete the registration process, it will be necessary for you to choose both a “Username” and a “Password.”
LIC Online Login Process

Today’s busy lifestyle can make remembering everything challenging, so losing an LIC user name or password shouldn’t be difficult! Retrieval information regarding both is quite straightforward – making the LIC login site user friendly for anyone. Accessing their accounts, paying purchases, checking account info and much more has never been simpler or safer!

To login online, visit and select the ‘Sign in’ button in the upper-right corner. Once signed in, enter your username and password before being taken directly to your main site where all the information on your account can be accessed. It is essential to keep changing your password frequently to protect against unauthorized access as well as use one that cannot be easily guessed – be sure to create one that stands out! We suggest also updating security settings of both device or browsers regularly in order to be safe against potential dangers.

Online LIC Login Process if You Have Forgotten User ID

If you have forgotten or wish to reset your user ID, logging in your online LCI account can help. Simply access your online dashboard and type in both username and password before clicking “Forget Your User ID,” selecting the drop-down menu “Forget User ID,” inputting desired User ID(s), then confirm or update.

  • Go to LIC’s official website, then select the Customer Portal under Online Services in the drop-down menu.
  • The Registered user link on e Services page of LIC website.
  • Please use the “Forgotten Your Username or Password?” link on the login page if you need help retrieving either one.
  • Click “User ID,” select it, enter your Policy Number, Premium and Date of Birth information into their appropriate fields and press ‘Submit” option to continue.
LIC of India Login Process if You Have Forgotten Password
  • Go to LIC’s official website, then select the Customer Portal under Online Services in the drop-down menu.
  • Then the Registered user link on e Services page of LIC website.
  • Please use the “Forgotten Your Username or Password?” link on the login page if you need help retrieving either one.
  • Click “User ID,” select it, enter your Policy Number, Premium and Date of Birth information into their appropriate fields and press ‘Submit” option to continue.

LIC Login or Online Registration Process for Spouse and Children

The process of getting the license is relatively simple and easy. First, you need to sign up with the local registrar’s offices, or the equivalent in your country for a permit. You must provide evidence of your identity as well as residency to the state. The next step is to apply for an individual identity code (PIN) (or password) from the office of the registrar. The PIN will enable you to log into your account online. The registration process online typically is less than a couple of minutes and is typically cost-free. After registration, you are able to make payments, see the balance of your account and transactions and get other details about the account on line. It is important to keep in mind that the individual LICs cannot be transferred between members, which means you need to sign up each individual each one by themselves.

Registration with LIC for children and spouses online is easy. Simply follow a few simple steps to enroll them successfully with us.

  • Log into your LIC account by providing both your user ID and password at their official website.
  • Where you can then select from both Child Policies as well as Spouse Policies according to personal preference.
  • Once you have entered all your information, click “Submit”, and your spouse and children will be added successfully to your existing account.
  • Navigate to “Profile Manager Menu” and verify the information registered for both you and your children.


This article concludes that it is vital for individuals to safeguard their personal data when using the Internet. With so many opportunities for people to accidentally divulge sensitive data on the web – from sharing passwords or giving private details, to participating in online activities with individuals they don’t trust or know – it is crucial for individuals to take precautions in protecting their own information by creating strong passwords, understanding how websites run with third-party data and taking extra caution when purchasing online.

Are You Curious to Learn How to Access Our On-line Licensing Program?! It gives us great pleasure that you are eager to know more about how you can take advantage of our on-line licensing program! As soon as we hear this, we will tell you our course is available online – one of the most sought after courses by students looking for property and liability coverage options, taught by experienced insurance experts with extensive knowledge in all forms of coverage including injuries caused by accidents or any other potential threats to people and property.

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