Krishak Bandhu Status 2023 Check Online, ID Number,

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Krishak Bandhu Status 2023:- The Government of Bengal offers several programs, among them Krishak Bandhu. If you participate, up to 10,000 Rs is paid out as two installments: for Rabi cultivation in January/February and Kharma cultivation. Tens of thousands of farmers registered under this scheme can verify their Krishak Bandhu status online by visiting

Under the Krishak Bandhu Yajana, farmers who own 1 acre or more receive two annual instalments of Rs 10,000 through Direct Interest Transfer into their accounts; first and second installments can be received during Kharif or Rabi crop growth cycles. Farmers with less than an acre receive at least 4000 per installment over two years – minimum 4000 is given in two instalments each year. Many have already seen their second instalments reach their accounts via Direct Interest Transfer but if it still hasn’t come yet check its Status through the official website –

Krishak Bandhu Status 2023

Krishak Bandhu Yojana was established by the Department of Agriculture, Government of West Bengal in January 2019. Since its introduction, over 90.000 farmers have joined in order to take advantage of it and use Direct Interest Transfer scheme introduced by West Bengal for helping cultivators financially in growing kharif and rabi plants.

Farmer should note that an Aadhar Card number is necessary to verify their Krishak Bandhu status. Below is the website where this status check can be conducted; only eligible agronomists are eligible to take part. Thousands of farmers have already signed up and benefitted from this program; if you’ve signed up yourself then please go directly to your CSC to check status on submitting requests for benefits.

Krishak Bandhu Status 2023 Check Online, ID Number,
Krishak Bandhu Status 2023 Check Online, ID Number,

Krishak Bandhu Status 2023 Details

StateWest Bengal
SchemeKrishak Bandhu
DepartmentDepartment of Agriculture, Government of West Bengal
CategoryGovt Schemes
Benefits₹4,000/- to ₹10,000/-
Krishak Bandhu StatusClick Here

About Krishak Status 2023

Benefits derived directly from this scheme include financial aid for cultivation that may reach up to Rs.10,000/- annually and will be divided equally between Kharif and Rabi seasons, paid out in two equal installments each time. Rs. 10,000 annually will go directly to farmers with at least one acre of cultivable sea area while those with less can still receive assistance of up to Rs.4000/- maximum annually.

At Krishak Bandhu’s “Krishak Bandhu Death Benefit” element of their program will offer all-in lump sum of Rs.50,000 to farmers between 18-60, in case of their death, with two lakhs being distributed among their family as Social Security benefits. Farmers not registered by Krihak Bandhu have come under criticism by Food and Supplies Department’s paddy procurement program which is administered by government agencies and state government has remained reluctant to provide access for those registered under Krishak Bandhu to other government programs as these programs lack clear policies with regards to coverage policies for farmers registered under Krishak Bandhu.

West Bengal Krishak Bandhu Beneficiary List 2023

Farmers living in West Bengal State can access the Krishak Bandhu Scheme List/option on the official government website to review their voter card verification statuses for verification of benefits of Krishak Bandhu Scheme. As we all know, its benefits cannot be enjoyed without valid voter identification cards in hand.

West Bengal government established the Krishak Bandhu program with annual allotments of $300 Million; depending on policy changes in future this could increase. Mamta Banerjee as Chief Minister has mandated that farmers of West Bengal receive official Voter Identification cards through this Krishak Bandhu scheme; you can check Voter ID status through its portal similar to Aadhar status check process by following these instructions and selecting Krishak Bandhu Portal instead of Aadhar Portal option for better accuracy.

Krishak Bandhu Registration

Farmers who own land suitable for framing can register with this program to register a block. Interested farmers who wish to receive up to 10,000 rupees annually as financial blocksale for cultivating the kharif and rabi crops need only visit the Office of Assistant Director of Agriculture to apply for Krishak Bandhu exclusion; otherwise visit any nearest CSC for online application and avail of its benefits.

How to do Krishak Bandhu 2023 Status Check Online?

Here, the method for checking voter ID card statuses through the government-run Krishak Bandhu Scheme portal will be covered. In terms of WB farmers, their state government has enabled them to do this online as well. More specifically, below you’ll find an outline for checking Krishak Bandha status.

  • Check out the Krishak Bandhu Scheme web site at
  • Select the Check Status Krishak Bandhu Registration button on its main page.
  • On the next screen, search for Voter Cards of Krishak Bandhu Plans.
  • Enter Your Voter Identification Card number into the appropriate box.
  • Click then on Search Button, to search your Krishak Bandhu Status Online.

Krishak Bandhu Required Documents For Registration

Krishak Bandhu leads in registering documents.

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Ration Card
  3. Domicile Certificate
  4. Income Certificate
  5. Caste Certificate
  6. Land Paper
  7. Age Proof
  8. Bank Passbook
  9. Mobile Number
  10. Passport Size Photo

West Bengal কৃষক বন্ধু Status Check Links

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