ITBP Pay Slip 2023 Monthly Salary and Himveer Connect Login at

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ITBP Pay Slip 2023: Himveer Connect System of ITBP is open to every employee employed by ITBP and allows users to log-in into their accounts to view salary details and personal details on ITBP’s Himveer portal, known as Himveer login details. ITBP uses electronic Personal Information System platform called ePIS (Electronic Personal Information System). Employees may access ITBP PIS (Personal Information System), monthly/yearly pay Slips as well as Leave, Allowances etc online services through the Himveer login details given by ITBP Himveer login details ITBP provides these online services via Himveer login details also known as Himveer login details provided by Himveer login details known by Himveer login details that allows access. To keep an eye on financials the government has introduced PIS which uses Electronic Personal Information System technology for Payroll management of payroll management purposes ePIS platform to facilitate providing online services.

ITBP Pay Slip 2023

The Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) is one of India’s Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs). Their staff members are known as Himveers. An online platform known as ITBP PIS monitors and manages their activities. Himveer can use this platform to access personnel information as well as salary slips and other data stored within its organization’s database. ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police) is one of five police forces established under the Civilian Reserved Police Force Act (24 October 1962). ITBP has expanded from four battalions to sixty battalions since its founding, as well as adding 15 Sector and 5 Frontier units. As the government recruits new forces and grows ITBP ranks accordingly. Today it operates under India’s Ministry of Home Affairs.

ITBP Pay Slip 2023 Monthly Salary and Himveer Connect Login at
ITBP Pay Slip 2023 Monthly Salary and Himveer Connect Login at

ITBP PIS stands for ITBP Personal Information System and serves as a platform through which Himveer can perform all pay related activities. Registration on PIS, also known as Himveer Connect, is necessary in order to access it at any time using their login and username credentials. Once they have registered they can download their monthly salary slip or Salary Slip without visiting a relevant department directly – Himveer Connect allows this. This article should be read thoroughly so as to gain full details regarding login procedures as well as salary payments in an easily understandable language format.

A Brief on ITBP PIS, Monthly Salary Pay Slip

Name of the systemITBP PIS (Personal Information System)
Also known asHimveer Connect
CategoryPay Slip
Concerned AuthorityIndo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP)
PurposeTo provide ITBP employees their salary and other details
UsersITBP Personnel

ITBP Salary Structure 2023 Rank Wise

ITBP Rank/PostLevelPay Scale (INR)
Deputy Judge Attorney General (Deputy Commandant)11₹ 67,700
Judge Attorney (Assistant Commandant)11₹ 56,100
Assistant Commandant10₹ 56,100
Assistant Surgeon (Assistant Commandant/Veterinary)10₹ 56,100
Inspector (Hindi Translator)7₹ 44,900
Inspector (Librarian)7₹ 44,900
Inspector (Editor)7₹ 44,900
Sub Inspector (Hindi Translator)6₹35,400
Sub Inspector (Telecommunication)6₹35,400
Sub Inspector (Staff Nurse)6₹35,400
Sub Inspector (Overseer)6₹35,400
Assistant Sub Inspector (Laboratory Technician)5₹ 29,200
Assistant Sub Inspector (Radio Grapher)5₹ 29,200
Assistant Sub Inspector (Pharmacist)5₹ 29,200
Head Constable (Education & Stress Counsellor)4₹ 25,500
Head Constable (Telecommunication)4₹ 25,500
Head Constable (Dresser Veterinary)4₹ 25,500
Head Constable (Motor Mechanic)4₹ 25,500
Head Constable (Master)4₹ 25,500
Head Constable (Workshop)4₹ 25,500
Head Constable (Engine Driver)4₹ 25,500
Head Constable (Midwife)4₹ 25,500
Constable (Workshop)3₹ 21,700
Constable (Crew)3₹ 21,700
Constable (Animal Transport)3₹ 21,700
Constable (Tradesman) (Tailor/Cobbler/Gardener)3₹ 21,700
Constable (Followers) (Cook/Water Carrier/Barber/ Washerman/Safai Karmachari)3₹ 21,700
Constable (Telecommunication)3₹ 21,700
Constable (Pioneer) (Electrician/Plumber/Carpenter/ Mason/Blacksmith/Welder/Painter)3₹ 21,700
Constable (Motor Mechanic)3₹ 21,700
Constable (Driver)3₹ 21,700

The Process of ITBP PIS Login

  • Visit ITBP’s official website.
  • Then navigate to the Login tab, selecting Personal from the drop-down list.
  • A login page should then appear. Enter your PIS username, password and security code into the fields presented.
  • Before selecting Login button to complete registration.
  • Dashboard for Users opens where users can easily update and erase personal or salary data.

Steps to Check ITBP Salary Slip online

  • To access, navigate to ITBP Police Website Page.
  • Select Login button followed by Personal Login tab.
  • New web page will then appear where PIS account username and password must be entered.
  • After entering your Captcha number and clicking Log In.
  • The system will display “Profile”.
  • From here you can access your pay slip details through Profile section of Profile Page.

Steps to Reset / Recovery ITBP Login Password

  • For further assistance please visit official website
  • By selecting Personal Login option in Login tab > Personal Login section.
  • On the login page, choose the “Forget Password” or the “Lost Your Password” option.
  • Display an ITBP Page to help recover PIS accounts.
  • Afterward, provide your phone number or regimental code and answer the security questions to complete recovery of PIS records.
  • Click “Reset Password” in order to create.
  • Confirm your own password for ITBP Login page access.
  • Input the number provided as accessing ITBP Login page.

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