Hummer H3 Price, Images, Mileage, Top Speed, Reviews, Specification, how to book online

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Hummer H3 Price: Believe the world’s biggest Hummer exists – somebody had both money and time to make this happen! A millionaire sheikh in UAE purchased himself a 22-foot long Hummer H1 “X3”, known for being three times larger than its actual H1 counterpart. Called an “H1 X3”, its official civilian version, with one sheikh living inside it, while another version, the M998 Humvee army truck can house an indoor toilet as well as bedrooms inside; both sizes measure 6.6 meters high by 6 wide by 14 metres long for peace of mind when driving this monster 😀

The massive H1 isn’t solely intended to be displayed; it can actually be driven around. Recently it made an appearance in Dubai where spectators were amazed to witness it gliding down streets with ease. What engine could it possibly use you might ask? Not one 15,000cc V15 engine but four diesel engines; two for each wheel which suggests all-wheel drive capability.

Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, better known by his title Rainbow Sheikh, donated this vehicle. This wasn’t his first big off-roader; in Abu Dhabi’s Sultanates National Auto Museum there’s also a supersized Willys Jeep on display – his Guinness World Record for most 4X4 cars can also be found there! Similarly, The H1 X3 precisely recreates every aspect of its design while offering luxurious interior living space featuring wooden flooring throughout.

Hummer H3 2022

Hummer H3 Hummer H3 has quickly earned itself widespread acclaim due to its solid construction. J.D. Power’s latest model, the Hummer H3, earned solidity ratings of three out of five from JD Power; older models also performed admirably, according to consumer reviews on Edmunds where most gave it top scores when rating its security features.

General Motors announced in February 2010 it would discontinue production of Hummers following a fleet rental order; specifically the last H3T model had been pulled out of their line-up.

Hummer H3 Price, Images, Mileage, Top Speed, Reviews, Specification, how to book online
Hummer H3 Price, Images, Mileage, Top Speed, Reviews, Specification, how to book online

Hummer H3 Price in India 2022

Hummer H3 is an elegant car capable of handling all terrain. Equipped with a six-cylinder engine that can reach 158 km per hour and featuring an eight-speed auto transmission, the H3 comes in black, white and silver colors and includes all features except heated seats (standard model only). Starting at Rs 40 Lakh it provides an ideal luxury car solution in India.

Hummer H3 Details

Name of CompanyGMC
Car NameHummer H3
Article ForHummer H3 Price, Images, Mileage, Reviews, Specs
Hummer H3 Launch DateMay 24, 2010
Hummer H3 PriceRs 80 Lakh
Top Speed158 Km/h

About Hummer H3

When purchasing an automobile there are a variety of things to consider. If you love cars like the Hummer H3, this blog contains valuable information regarding its cost, photos of it in action, reviews and mileage. In addition we have updated specs so if you’re planning on renting or buying this cult vehicle in 2022 or later then this information will certainly come in handy!

Hummer H3 Features and Specifications

For more information about the features and specifications included with Hummer H3, please refer to these tables:

The Hummer H3 is an expensive yet luxurious car priced at $157,000 with numerous features and an estimated fuel economy rating of 18 miles/gallon in city driving conditions, accommodating eight passengers inside its spacious interior and up to 18 miles per gallon overall on highway travel. Reviews about it tend to be positive; many even consider it superior to their Cadillac Escalade! If you’re looking for an elegant, spacious ride that still remains comfortable for several passengers then perhaps the Hummer H3 might be just what you’re after!

  • 210 mph top speed
  • Leather seats with integrated massage function
  • Navigation system
  • Air conditioning
  • Keyless access to all doors
  • 10.02 kmpl fuel efficiency

Features of Hummer H3

  • Hummer H3 Primarie Hummer H3 has one Petrol Engine available for purchase.
  • Comes equipped with an Automatic transmission.
  • Depending on its variant and fuel class, mileage of 14 km/L may be achieved.
  • Additionally it features five seats on its 4-cylinder car chassis.
  • The Hummer H3’s Petrol engine boasts 3700cc.

Specifications of Hummer H3

No. of cylinder4
Seating Capacity5
Fuel TypePetrol
Engine Displacement (cc)3700
Fuel Tank Capacity87.0
Body TypeSUV

This vehicle will turn heads wherever you drive it! Equipped with every feature you could ever need and an engine capable of reaching 220 miles per hour, the Hummer H3 makes an eye-catching impression and offers both quality and power in equal measures – make sure to examine cost and mileage prior to making your purchase! There are numerous reviews online about this car which should help you find one suitable to meet your requirements.

Waiting For H3 Car

For more details regarding cost and wait time of this Hummer H3 vehicle model, read this section of articles: The Hummer H3 SUV offers excellent value for budget. With numerous top-of-the-line features and specifications that exceed expectations and an expected wait time of under 10 weeks according to Car Showroom, if you are in search of an impressive SUV that meets all your criteria a Hummer H3 could be right up your alley. Consider checking availability now so you don’t miss out.

Hummer H3 Waiting Time

Hummer H3 officials have not announced an exact waiting period yet. We’ll keep you up-to-date by posting it here on Hummer Brand’s official website; so stay in touch! We will share updates at appropriate dates so be sure to visit regularly!

How To Book Hummer H3 Online?

Reserving a Hummer H3 online doesn’t come easily; to do it properly and safely requires following several steps related to its booking procedure. Here are a few that you should keep in mind as part of this process:

Start off by visiting GMC’s official website of the company, then the homepage for their site and locating their ‘Hummer H3’ booking option in their main menu.
Step two is to click on your Hummer H3 Vehicle Booking option, and access its related webpage with an online booking form, either on your own device or any other. This form may appear either from within your personal device, or another one.
After making your online booking of the Hummer H3 Car, it is imperative that all required information is submitted as soon as possible. Furthermore, as per all required payment processes for booking this vehicle, payment for it should also be made immediately when placing the reservation online.
Booking process should go smoothly as well.

Important Links:

GMC Hummer H3 Official Website: Click Here


According to available data, Hummer H3 appears to be one of the more sought-after automobile options for 2022. While its price may seem excessive to some individuals, reviewers believe the Hummer H3 offers incredible value and plenty of money-saving advantages compared to competing options. If you’re in search of an upscale and powerful vehicle then perhaps this vehicle would be ideal.

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