How to Sell Old Notes And Coins in India Online 2023

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How to Sell Old Notes and Coins in India Online: Dear readers, today’s article, How to Sell Old Banknotes 2023, is extremely important for you as you will learn how to generate profits through selling old banknotes. Are You Wanting to Become a Millionaire Fast? If that is what you are after, look no further. Today, we will reveal which age bracket you fall into by reading about selling old currency notes for 2023 and we will reveal how you could make thousands by doing just this alone! Collecting coins or paper money could become your passion and fill your life with many colours!

Friends, if you would like more details regarding How to Sell Old Banknotes 2023 then be sure to join us until the end. When considering selling coins and old notes online in India it’s essential that you are prepared for a challenging market due to various aspects such as inflation and political climate affecting it. We hope that this article can assist your journey toward success within such a crowded marketplace.

How to Sell Old Notes And Coins in India Online

Old coins and currency that you’ve collected as collectibles could be worth millions, with markets offering huge sums of money for currency items with lesser legal values than their legal worth. You might be amazed to know that you could also sell them online in India; we have listed ways below on how you can do that easily and make lots of money in return. Get collecting now!

Do you realize that starting in 2023, India will offer the opportunity to sell old coins and notes online through their market? Yes, this market is projected to expand even further due to its immense potential and strong interest from buyers seeking tangible items with value. Now is an excellent time for you to cash in on any unwanted coins or notes which may no longer meet your requirements or investment plans! If this sounds appealing, here are some helpful tips on selling old coins online in India.

How to Sell Old Notes And Coins in India Online 2023
How to Sell Old Notes And Coins in India Online 2023

Old Notes And Coins Overview

Name Of ArticleHow to Sell Old Notes And Coins in India Online 2023
Sell Old Notes And CoinsCheck Here
Official SiteClick here

How much can you earn by selling old notes and coins in India?

Sell old notes and coins from India to make a good profit! Demonetized 25 or 50 Paisa coins could fetch as much as 1.5 million last year alone! People eagerly pay thousands of dollars or thousands more just to horde these currencies; all it takes to access these markets is listing old banknotes or coins on specific online platforms.

Which old coins are available for sale in India?

10 Paisa coins were issued between 1957 and 1963 by India’s Republic of India as its first currency coins. Made of copper-nickel metal and weighing 5 grams each, they measured 23 millimeters in diameter with Ashoka Pillar depicted on one side and 10 Paisa in Dev Nagri script written on the reverse with “Rupee Ka Dasvan Bhagag” written along its lower edge; mint mark, year of minting and year inscribed below it all make for an intriguing look at history that dates back 10 years further! With online auction houses like eBay offering 10-year old Paisa coins that may bring prices close to 1,000 rupees online!

How to sell old coins in India online?

Here are a few online platforms where you can record older notes and coins, as well as notes. To gain an approximate idea of pricing you can browse catalogs of coins before identifying your coin by its year mark on it – older coins tend to fetch higher prices; those made before 1984 (for instance) tend to fetch more.

Coin bazaar

Coin Bazaar is a website dedicated to buying and selling antique coins, old currencies, notes, and coins. Sign up and create your personal cash list!

  • Simply visit the official site here.
  • Click “Store Manager” in the upper-right hand corner.
  • To log-in with your email address, password, username.
  • Click “register.”
  • Now it is possible to list old coins by uploading images and providing prices and details about them on.


OLX – an online marketplace known for buying and selling old and secondhand goods. Many people utilize the marketplace as an outlet to exchange unwanted coins – so why shouldn’t you?

  • Visit
  • Press “Sell,” in the upper-right-hand corner.
  • Register as a seller by providing your cell phone number or logging into Google with it.
  • When ready, your registration to the website will take effect automatically.
  • Start a list of coins by taking clear photos and listing their desired price along with other details.
  • When someone is interested, they will reach out through OLX either in person or over the phone.

Note: Before making a prepayment for any purchase from these platforms, make sure that you visit and become acquainted with their product before committing a significant sum of rupees upfront.


Similar to OLX, the QUIKR platform serves as a way of exchanging old products and goods such as demonetized notes and coins.

  • Visit
  • Select “Login/Register” in the upper-right-hand corner.
  • Type your telephone number or name, email address, password and press Continue.
  • Now it’s time to list coins by uploading high-resolution images with prices that fit.
  • If anyone shows an interest, you can contact him through QUIKR or phone.


Selling old coins and notes online from India can be an excellent way to generate extra income. There are numerous websites that enable sellers to do this safely, with reliable delivery systems in place for most services. Selling old notes and coins from home online is very straightforward if you know which sites to look at for further details about this profitable opportunity. Take a look at this article’s recommended sites!

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