How to restore a lost Snap streak on Snapchat? A step-by-step guide

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How Can You Rekindle a Lost Snap Streak: Snapchat is an enjoyable messaging application designed for communication between friends. Users can exchange and receive snaps (video and image messages that disappear once viewed), creating Snap streaks when you and a friend exchange Snaps continuously over multiple days – this helps maintain constant snapping!

Snapchat will display an hourglass icon to remind you to share images over 24 hours, ending your streak of snaps and prompting you to do so again. Loss of Snap streak can be particularly distressing to those who’ve been sharing regularly throughout their trip.

How to restore a lost Snap streak

Snapchatsupport will help you regain that streak even if you miss an entire day and believe you have lost them all. However, keep in mind there are certain requirements needed in order to experience Snapchat streaks, particularly if this activity is something that does not happen regularly for you. Keep an eye out for anything that might cause your streak to disappear and contact Snapchat to retrieve it. Don’t fall for their empty promises: depending on their business practices, a good company might only perform this procedure once, since its limitations only cover single users per transmission; furthermore, making your longest streak an immediate priority will help ensure its restoration.

Have you experienced Snaps disappearing seemingly despite all your attempts at retrieval? If that is the case for you, this article is just what you need! Here we offer solutions to restore any Snapchat streak lost due to accidental deletion or network issues – as well as advice for how you can prevent streaks from disappearing in future! If your Snapchat streak disappears unexpectedly and it becomes difficult for you to catch up, check out some of our solutions below!

How to restore a lost Snap streak on Snapchat? A step-by-step guide
How to restore a lost Snap streak on Snapchat? A step-by-step guide

Restore a lost Snap streak on Snapchat Overview

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How to restore a lost Snap streak on Snapchat?Check Here
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How Does a Snapchat Streak Work?

Let’s begin by outlining the basics. Many aren’t aware what a “streak” is or its benefits; to recover a streak of snaps you must first understand their significance if you want to recover it. A streak is not simply an individual effort – trust between friends is important in testing a streak as well. A three day Snap streak starts when two users share snaps throughout each day for three consecutive days until it ends and the Fire emblem of her will display beside each contact name to show the duration.

What Do the Snapchat Streak Emojis Mean?

Important to keep in mind is the distinction between Emojis and Trophies on Snapchat, the latter of which increase with each day you spend using it. Once in chat mode, you will see all your contacts; some may contain Emojis depending on the number of friends made and interactions taking place; but all will include smiling faces to the right of their name to show that these people are your true best friends.

What should I know about my winning streak with peers? Once you take a Streak with someone, the fire emoji and number of days they have been winning streaking will appear next to their name; but this won’t show up immediately; in the meantime be mindful not to use this emoji prompt!

How to restore a lost snap streak on Mobile?

Snap streaks are essential components of a Snapchat account, illustrating your active use and helping protect it. If your streak has been lost, there are steps you can take to restore it; we will cover them here.

  • Launch Snapchat on your phone.
  • Locate and click your profile in the upper-left corner.
  • Followed by Settings at the top-right.
  • Scroll down until you find “Need Assistance” under Support List and choose it as needed.
  • Select “Snap the streak”. Scroll to the bottom of this page, and click Let Us Know (highlighted in blue).
  • From the drop-down list, choose I Have Lost my Snap Streak before filling out and submitting this form.
  • Once finished, select “Send”.

How to restore a lost snap streak on PC?

Your smartphone is often relied upon for recording memories and milestone events in life, yet if it falls into the wrong hands it could prove disastrous for all your data stored within it. In such an instance it can often be impossible to retrieve all your photos, videos and other stored information so here are some guidelines on restoring a deleted photo streak on Mobile.

  • Visit your Snapchat Help Site (
  • Under Contact Options.
  • choose “I Lost My Snap Streak”.
  • Once chosen, fill out and submit the form provided below.
  • Click to submit. Submit button. Submit.


When your Snapchat Snap Streak ends unexpectedly, there are multiple strategies available to restore it – but figuring out exactly which actions will do the job can be challenging without an example snapshot to compare against. In this article we’ll take a look at various approaches available and suggest ways to restore your snap streak on Snapchat.

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