How to Download WhatsApp Status without an extra app 2023

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How to Download WhatsApp Status: Are You Searching for the Ultimate Solution to Downloading WhatsApp Status Updates Without an App? If that is the case for you, look no further! This article will teach you the easiest and quickest way to acquire Android WhatsApp status videos using our step-by-step process – whether on a Smartphone or Tablet this guide will have your downloading WhatsApp Status video in no time at all! So what are you waiting for – begin downloading them right now!

WhatsApp introduced their Status function officially in February 2017 and since then it has grown in prominence within the app. Users are able to upload pictures and videos directly into WhatsApp to share with contacts or friends; similar functionality exists within other applications like Snapchat and Instagram. Videos stored temporarily on devices until 24 hours have passed before being automatically deleted unless downloaded directly onto your smartphone without third-party apps such as SnapTube (how to Download WhatsApp Status).

How to Download WhatsApp Status

Are you trying to verify and download WhatsApp status without looking into its source? Don’t worry. Social messaging platforms don’t currently permit customers to download statuses created in their contact lists directly; however, there is a workaround: simply take screenshots and transfer the WhatsApp status onto an Android or iPhone phone or use screen recording tools like File Manager Pro for videos created with WhatsApp Statuses.

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most widely used messaging applications, used by over 1.5 billion people as of February 2019. Unfortunately, saving your WhatsApp status without downloading additional applications may prove challenging since WhatsApp recently ended their option for users to download all conversation history at once. In order to avoid changing to third-party applications it may be best to continue using WhatsApp as you always have. This article explains how.

How to Download WhatsApp Status without an extra app 2023
How to Download WhatsApp Status without an extra app 2023

How to Download WhatsApp Status

Article forDownload WhatsApp Status
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WhatsApp status download

Downloading WhatsApp Statuses is done through apps or tools available on your phone, as well as through third party applications that store images and videos to Android phones and iPhones.

WhatsApp Status video download on Android: step-by-step tutorial

Without installing additional apps in order to download WhatsApp Status videos now! This guide will show you how to easily acquire them on Android phones without hassle. Once your WhatsApp Status video has loaded into the browser of your phone, click on its three lines (the down arrow icon) near the upper right corner and choose Save As… In the Save As dialog box that will pop-up select Save then Name the File before selecting Download This File to Your Mobile directly transfering it directly onto your phone!

There are two methods available to Android users for saving WhatsApp status videos on their phone. One approach may prove useful when looking to cancel or terminate an existing WhatsApp account.

Using the file manager

  • Start WhatsApp and navigate to Status on its main menu to view both your own status as well as that of all of your WhatsApp contacts. Choose and play a status video you would like saved – this video will then be stored on the internal memory of your mobile device.
  • Launch My Documents app and navigate to Media folder within it – this is where WhatsApp parent folder exists and then search “.status”.
  • Locate WhatsApp status video that you would like to download using “.Status” by pressing long on its name and pressing long again on it.
  • Simply launch WhatsApp Status Video Copyer to access your options menu, select “Copy”, and copy and save WhatsApp status video into an internal storage folder for backup purposes – such as “WhatsApp Video Status”.
  • That way you can easily manage storage space within.

Using an image capture app – Status Saver

Step 1. Download and install Status Saver from Google Play Store – this will allow you to store both WhatsApp photos and status videos on a separate drive. Step 2. Once installed, access both status videos as well as store WhatsApp photos easily from there!

Step 2.To add status videos, launch WhatsApp and click “Status” at the top of your page. View and save any status videos you would like.

How to download WhatsApp status videos on iPhone?

iPhone owners looking to download WhatsApp video status updates differ slightly from Android phone owners; no permission needs to be granted in their file manager application in order to view hidden system files. Instead, navigate directly to the WhatsApp folder and look for media.status files within it.

  • To download WhatsApp status videos onto your iPhone, open Control Center and choose Screen Recording.
  • If you can’t see this option on your iPhone, go into its Settings and Control Center before clicking an + symbol next to Screen Recording. When recording, open WhatsApp then go directly into its Status Window to begin playing your WhatsApp status video, so it can be downloaded later.
  • After recording has completed, move the slider leftward from its starting position and press on the stop button in the notifications panel to halt further recording.

Hit the power button, and your video will be stored to the Photos app of your phone. Making videos your WhatsApp status lets you cut out unneeded segments – perfect if you need to edit some parts out! Additionally, using these steps you can save images or videos that show WhatsApp update statuses using images or screen recording applications; for transferring onto desktops similar solutions are available such as creating static images or screen recording software allowing for uploading WhatsApp status photos and videos onto computers and laptops.


WhatsApp Status video clips are an increasingly popular way to stay in touch with loved ones and stay informed about recent happenings. If you want a status video clip without installing additional applications, simply follow our step-by-step guide below – don’t forget to save this page for later reference!

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