How To Check Vi (Vodafone Idea) Balance, Data Usage, SMS balance and Validity ?

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How To Check Vi (Vodafone Idea) Balance: How to Verify Your Vi (Vodafone Idea) Balance are looking to find out how to determine their Vi (Vodafone Idea) balance? Look no further! We have you covered! Here, we provide simple steps on how you can access both your account balance and recent transactions on Vi (Vodafone Idea), plus instructions on how to activate or deactivate their account if desired. Whether your goal is simply checking balances or controlling bills/communications this guide contains all you need for success

Vodafone Idea (Vi) is currently the third-largest operator in India behind Airtel and Jio, boasting one of the fastest download speeds available and new features like VoWiFi to further extend their lead over their rivals. Recently in Pune they demonstrated 5G capabilities; full compatibility between SA networks as well as NSA ones was shown off successfully by Vi. However with increasing 4G prepaid plans prices and data plans more important than ever; Vi offers weekend and overnight data rollover options with certain plans but it’s imperative that they keep tabs on usage so they don’t run out when needed most.

How To Check Vi (Vodafone Idea) Balance

Are You Struggling with Finding your Vodafone Idea Balance? Read this blog article for help in locating and fixing any issues with your V (Vodafone Idea) account, as well as tips to prevent suspension or cancellation of it altogether. If there are problems associated with it, read up on how best to address them here.

Vodafone Idea and Idea Cellular recently combined to form India’s biggest telecom provider, boasting over 25 percent market share in telecoms industry. As such, their customer count in India continues to increase exponentially with prepay connections playing a pivotal role. If you use them for calling credit checks or ideas purposes then be wary of calling credit checks or ideas being applied; for balance tracking you could utilize various methods including USSD codes or download an application; we have provided an easy-to-follow guide which can assist in checking your Vodafone Idea (Vi) balance!

How To Check Vi (Vodafone Idea) Balance, Data Usage, SMS balance and Validity ?
How To Check Vi (Vodafone Idea) Balance, Data Usage, SMS balance and Validity ?

Check Vi (Vodafone Idea) Balance 2023 Details

Name Of The ArticleCheck Vi (Vodafone Idea) Balance
Check Vi (Vodafone Idea) BalanceClick Here

How to Check Vodafone Idea (Vi) Main Balance?

Are You Wondering the Balance of your Vodafone Idea (Vi) Main Account? Look No Further! Here we provide simple steps for checking to your account balance as well as providing an introduction on using our balance checker to get an accurate understanding of its current state. This blog post can also serve as an effective means of verifying new accounts or simply assuring everything is running smoothly – perfect if first verifying or just wanting peace of mind that everything works as it should!

Vodafone Idea provides two convenient methods of checking your balance: Vi app and USSD code. Let’s examine both in greater depth.

Using USSD Code

Vodafone Idea provides several shortcuts and USSD codes are one way of instantly determining your balance.

  • *199*2*1# – This USSD code can be used to check the main balance for your Vodafone Idea number. The code likewise gives you full data pretty much all adjusts and legitimacy of your number.
  • *121# – You can also use this code to check for the main balance by using this code.

Using Vi App

Vi is an app you can use to quickly determine whether or not your credit card balance is in good condition and when its expiration date will occur. The process involves several steps.

  • Launch Google Play Store app and search for Vi app.
  • When done, select Download to download the application onto your phone before installing it on it.
  • When complete, launch Vi app and sign in using your Vodafone Thought number for accessing.
  • At any given moment, an OTP will be sent directly to your registered mobile number and entered to authenticate it and access your account.
  • Your basic balance and legitimacy will then be displayed on the home screen of the app.

How to Check Vodafone Idea (Vi) Plan Validity and SMS Balance?

If you want a way to verify the legitimacy of your Vi plan or text message balance, this blog article can help. Here, we provide instructions for verifying its validity as well as how to check whether any remaining messages remain. Plus we cover what steps to take if there’s something invalid about it, or you want to restore or add messages! If you own one or have access to one, or simply want an overview on its status or balance monitoring then this blog article is just right.

Vodafone Idea (Vi) provides extensive information regarding your SMS balance and plan validity. Even without a prepaid account with its own USSD code for verification of SMS balance validity, there’s still a solution if your package expires: Simply make a phone call and inquire. After your call ends you’ll get an SMS or Flash message showing both primary balance information as well as expiry dates of packages purchased from Vi. To increase SMS credits simply send one from yourself directly to someone receiving it and the operator will reply by sending them another text with remaining SMS credits remaining and validity dates from them directly back from them directly – or send one from yourself!

How to Check Vodafone Idea (Vi)  Data Balance ?

Are You Searching For Ways To Determine Vodafone Idea (Vi) Data Balance? Look No Further. This guide will walk users through steps to verify your balance and detect any potential issues with data usage, along with providing solutions to fix common data-related problems and make your experience as enjoyable as possible when using Vi. If you’re experiencing connection issues, slow speeds or general frustration this guide provides solutions.

Vodafone Idea’s Vi is an excellent value-for-money prepaid mobile service in India that lets users utilize data and voice services without incurring roaming costs. When running low on data? No problem; just request more! We will explain how to assess your Vi data balance and what steps can be taken if your balance drops below zero. Furthermore, we’ll offer advice on how to save data and keep your account healthy. If you are an active Vi user who needs to stay connected on the move or understand how to monitor their data balance, this article is perfect. By following a few easy steps you will be able to check whether there is still 4G data remaining with Vodafone Idea plans using USSD codes or their app, as well as looking up remaining 4G 4G usage on either plan using USSD code look ups or the Vi app, as well as getting accurate results every time!

Using USSD Code

  • *199*2*2# – You can use this USSD code to know about the 4G data balance of your Vodafone Idea number.

Using App

Users of the Vi app should open it on their phone, then click to reveal the balance sheets banner that will appear on their home screen and view their remaining data and call credits. If connected with an VI prepay connection on their phone, using this application is the simplest way of keeping an eye on their Vodafone Idea data balance.

How to Check Vodafone Idea (Vi) Recharge Offers?

Are You Searching for the Most Beneficial Vodafone Idea (Vi) Recharge Deals? If that’s the case, look no further! In this blog post we provide a step-by-step guide on how to search and discover Vodafone Idea (Vi) recharge deals available, along with how best to utilize these offers for savings on tablet or phone purchases. This is your one-stop-shop when looking for savings with Vodafone Idea (Vi).

Vodafone Idea provides many attractive top-up plans with attractive offers and special promotions available only through apps. Vodafone Idea’s plans begin from Rs 149 and 219 Rs to 399/549 plans offering extra data benefits; to see these promotions for yourself visit your Vi application and select Top-Up Offers; for even more offers you may also visit Vodafone Idea numbers that use USSD codes to get even more.

  • Customers simply need to dial 1991*3# in order to gain insight into 4G data offers.
  • While for top-up offers they should call *199*1*7# or use USSD code 1991*1*8# respectively.

How to Check Vi Balance through WhatsApp?

Are You Concerned about Vi Balance or Wondering How to Check it on WhatsApp? If that’s the case for you, look no further! Here we will show how you can examine your Vi balance using WhatsApp, provide suggestions for improving health, as well as discuss its importance and the effects it can have on overall wellness – with some tips for attaining the ideal Vi balance in life. For anyone wishing to learn how to monitor or better understand its significance in their lives this blog post is the place for them!

Vi balance is an indicator of overall health and wellbeing. It serves as a key marker of the viology system and any imbalance could indicate respiratory infections or flu. We’ll show how you can monitor it with WhatsApp to keep it running optimally while discussing its significance to ensure good health in general. Learn to measure vi balance using WhatsApp now to protect yourself against health-related issues associated with vi!

Vodafone Idea makes it possible to check your Vi balance via WhatsApp. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that you add the number 9654297000 to your contacts, then launch WhatsApp.
  2. From here, find and click on its chat icon before sending Hello or Hi to that number.
  3. It will provide an automatic response with a link for viewing its balance.
  4. click this to do so before being asked to verify which phone number would like its details revealed.
  5. Once completed, an OTP will be sent directly to your registered mobile number.

Enter this OTP to view your balance, package details, plan validity dates, weekend details for rollovers and much more.

How to Check Vi Balance Online using Vi Website?

Vi Website provides a quick and simple way to monitor your vi levels quickly online. As a free online service, this portal makes seeing your balance easy in a matter of minutes by entering your vi number; entering will show complete information regarding vi levels – making this an essential tool for maintaining good health while preventing potential health risks associated with high levels of vi. If you want a simple way of monitoring them from anywhere around the globe online then Vi Website could be just what you’re searching for!

If you want to check your Vi balance online, Vi’s Vi website provides an easy and accurate method. Simply enter the serial number and it will show how much Vi you currently possess in real-time – this provides a simple method of keeping track of how much Vi you have which could help reduce health hazards associated with high levels of Vi.

Vodafone Idea Prepaid customers can now check their balances through Vi. Vi’s website as well. Here’s how:

  1. Visit website, then select Sign In in the upper right.
  2. After entering your phone number and signing into OTP.
  3. Your account will appear on the site where you can view its details including remaining and expiry dates.
  4. Click on the details of your package to verify its total amount and Vi number.

List of All Vodafone Idea (Vi) USSD Codes for Vodafone balance check number

Are You Searching For Vodafone Idea (Vi) USSD Codes To Verify My Balance Number? Here, We Have All Of The Information That Will Assist! We Will Provide All Available Vi USSD Codes that correspond with their balance check numbers as well as instructions on how to utilize them. Whether verifying current Vodafone balance, or transfer money between accounts; below list contains everything necessary! Make sure you save it onto your computer or print out for future reference and keep in your wallet.

S.NoUSSD CodesFeatures
1*199*2*1#Check Main Balance
2*199*2*2#Check Internet Balance
3*199*1*3#4G/3G/2G Internet Offers
4*199*1*6#Chhota Credit
5*199*1*7#Recharge Offer
6*199*1*8#Voice, SMS, Roaming Offers
7*199*3*1#Activate Vodafone VAS Service
8*199*3*2#Deactivate Vodafone VAS Service
9*199*4#Get Vi
10*199*2*3#Last 3 Calls & SMS Details
11*199*2*4#Last 3 VAS Deduction
12*199*3*5#Emergency Talktime Credit Loan
13*199*3*3#Activate or Change Caller Tune
14*199*5*2#Unlimited Recharge Pack Offers
15*199*5*3#Combo Recharge Offers
16*199*5*4#Data Recharge Offers
17*199*5*5#International Roaming Recharge Offers
18*199*5*6#SMS Recharge Offers

Vodafone and Idea are the same?

Vodafone and Idea have joined forces to form VI, and its official site, application and USSD codes will all remain the same from September 7 through September 7, 2020. All USSD codes linked with VI from one central location regardless of whether you use an Idea or Vodafone SIM card; additionally neither provides its own mobile app or web site for VI – instead search results returned when searching either Google Play Store, browser search or the VI website or mobile app will all lead directly back to one result.


Are You Wondering How to Determine your Vodafone Idea (Vodafone Idea) Balance, Data Usage, SMS Balance & Validity? Look no further! In this blog post we’ll outline how you can verify these key details as well as providing reviews of some effective apps & websites for getting started with this process. Keeping informed on what’s happening or simply wanting a snapshot is what we provide here.

Are you curious to know how to monitor your Vi (Vodafone Idea) balance, usage of data SMS balance and validity? If that’s the case for you, look no further! Here we provide step-by-step instructions for accessing and reviewing details of your account with Vi (Vodafone Idea). Plus we give tips for saving information and cutting monthly charges so whether looking for savings or to assess account condition this blog article can help!


If you need help evaluating the validity of your Vi (Vodafone Idea) balance or SMS balance, data usage and validity is in order. This guide provides all of the data you require; from various ways to access information on your Vi account to various parameters you can examine; at the end we provide an outline with all details and tips we provided throughout. So if you need any assistance setting up your Vodafone Concept account – take a look!

If you’re curious about checking your Vi (Vodafone Idea) balance, usage, data balance, SMS balance and validity, this guide is ideal. In it we will offer step-by-step directions on how to check these important details as well as an conclusion that outlines important issues covered and steps that may need to be taken if any issues arise. So if you want to ensure the quality of your Vi account remains in top shape make sure you read this article first!

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