Honda Activa Electric Price 2023, Launch Date, Top Speed, Full Specifications, Features, Colours, Booking, Waiting Time, Reviews

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Honda Activa Electric Price 2023: Bikes similar to the Activa Electric currently available include the iVOOMi Jeet X, Bounce Infinity E1 and Okaya Faast F2F; however the TVS Creon will soon arrive in India and may also serve as an equivalent option.

Honda is developing an EV version of their best-selling bike, the Honda Activa. Although details on this Activa Electric remain scarce, many believe that its debut could occur sometime between late 2024 or mid-2025 in India.

Honda Activa Electric Price 2023

Honda plans on shipping its Activa Electric to India sometime during December 2023 in a price range between Rs 1.00 lakh and 1.20 lakh, similar to its ICE version’s aesthetic features such as Driven light source, large rear cover and sloping seat.

Honda Activa Electric may feature an entirely digital instrument cluster and higher models could feature touchscreen displays with integrated technology and navigation features. Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain any details regarding battery or engine output; however we can assume power numbers will reflect proportionality principles; distance should remain comparable; Honda Activa Electric likely boasts 100-150km range on a single charge.

Honda Activa Electric Price 2023, Launch Date, Top Speed, Full Specifications, Features, Colours, Booking, Waiting Time, Reviews
Honda Activa Electric Price 2023, Launch Date, Top Speed, Full Specifications, Features, Colours, Booking, Waiting Time, Reviews

Honda Activa Electric Details 2023

Name of the Bike CompanyHonda
Bike NameActiva Electric
Article aboutHonda Activa Electric Estimated Price, Launch Date 2023, Images, Specs, Mileage
Launch DateDec 2023
Price₹ 1,00,000 – ₹ 1,20,000 Estimated Price
Top Speed75 kmph
CategoryAutomobile News

About Honda Activa Electric Scooter 2023

Electric bikes typically consist of 12-inch wheels encased by tire-less tubes and fitted with telescopic forks at the front and a monoshock that allows preload adjustment at the rear as suspension mechanisms. Slowing the office down will be accomplished through circular brakes at the front and a rear drum brake, while its security net will feature an interlocking stopping mechanism which operates normally. Expectations is that the Honda Activa Electric will match or surpass any similarity with Ola Electric S1, televisions iQube, Ather 450X, and Bajaj Chetak Electric vehicles in terms of design. When considering price, this Honda Activa Electric may range anywhere between 1 lakh to 1.51 lakh (ex-display space).

Honda Activa Electric Alternatives

  • LML Star
  • Hero Electric Axlhe 20
  • Okinawa Electric Cruiser
  • Hero Electric A2B
  • TVS Creon

Honda Activa Electric Features 2023

Honda Activa Electric Scooters have long been on our wish lists as luxury vehicles, and finally Honda have revealed all of the information regarding this amazing electric Scooter! From design to performance this scooter will surely please many people – take a look out Honda Activa Electric today and see which features are included! Here is some info regarding its specifications! Here Are The Features Of The Activa Electric Scooters.

Honda Activa Electric offers another solution for energy conservation. Equipped with a large battery that allows the car to run for extended periods without being connected to the grid, and emitting low levels of carbon dioxide emissions. Both options make living a green lifestyle easy!

Honda Activa Electric Modern Activa

Honda are unveiling the “modern” Activa, creating an entirely new segment that meets short distance travel requirements in semi-urban and urban areas across India. Honda are expected to meet fire hazards posed by electric vehicles (EVs), unlike startups in this space, such as TVS or Bajaj which may not. Honda have pledged their offerings are safe from fire hazards associated with EVs; unlike startups in this space. They will ensure their localization is of the highest quality by including components made locally such as batteries, ECUs or motors which they may contain components locally made or made locally produced; components which they develop such as batteries for scooters or motors used on them will all help achieve this aim.

Honda Activa Electric Charging infrastructure, battery swapping

Note that infrastructure issues are the cornerstone of this type of market and that using only one charging method to adopt electric mobility will only delay its adoption in India. As part of their commitment to experiment with various swapping and charging methods for future models, Honda Power Pack Energy India already started producing battery packs which can be swapped out within our country to power two and three wheeled EVs.

Honda Activa Electric Engineers from Honda Giant

HMSI is currently assembling an engineering team from Honda Motorcycles Japan to create the world’s first electronic scooter. One possible outcome may be using swappable batteries; which would mean renting them instead of purchasing.

Honda Activa Electric Specifications 2023

Are you seeking something exciting and different to experience? The Honda Activa electric scooter may just be what you need! This electric scooter is ideal for riders who wish to experience the thrill of riding without all of the stress associated with driving or taking public transit. Not only is it easy and eco-friendly to operate, but its low emissions also help ensure its continued existence in our world. If you’re searching for something to help get around your neighborhood and save money, the Honda Activa electric scooter could be just what’s needed. With its price-oriented approach and familiar name as seen among Indian customers, Honda will ensure this scooter provides adequate and better performance within their lineup.

BatteryLithium Ion
Charging TimeTime 6 Hrs
Support of Mobile AppYes
Weight118 kgs
Engine Displacement (cc)1kW Brushless DC Hub Motor
Maximum Power (bhp)1000 Watt
Top speed(kmph) 75
StartElectric start
Length(mm) 1761
Width(mm) 710
Height(mm) 1170
Ground Clearance(mm) 155
Front Suspension TelescopicShock Absorber
Rear Suspension DualHydraulic Suspension
Front Tyre90/100 R10

Honda Activa Electric Scooter Price In India 2023

This review of the Honda Activa Electric will discuss some of its key attributes and specs, making this model suitable for affordable yet practical transportation or simply curiosity purposes. With expected debut sometime between 2023-2024 and a pricetag estimated around Rs 1.10 Million ex-showroom.

Are you searching for an efficient, economical means of transportation? Consider an electric scooter like the Honda Activa Electric Scooter as it offers both green benefits and comes at an attractive price point. Honda Activa Electric Scooters are designed for easy operation. Even new users will quickly understand how to ride this efficient and flexible form of transportation! Providing efficient transport that allows for flexible movement. Honda Activa Electric scooter is an excellent option for families. At approximately 1 lakh to 1.10 lakh, its price falls within an affordable range. Available as one model powered by motor, it provides swift and effortless operation for anyone searching for something speedy yet simple to operate.

Honda Activa Electric Scooter Warranty

In this review we’ll highlight some of the primary attributes and specifications of this model. If you are searching for an economical yet efficient form of transport or want to learn more about what this vehicle has to offer then read on – Honda could debut their Activa Electric at some point between 2023-2024 with prices expected around Rs 1.10-1 lakh ex-showroom.

Honda Activa Electric Scooter Colours

Honda Activa 125 is available in 6 different Colours – Pearl Night Star Black, Strontium Silver Metallic, Heavy Grey Metallic, Rebel Red Metallic, Pearl Precious White, Midnight Blue Metallic.

How To Book Honda Activa Electric Scooty / Scooter?

To reserve Honda Scooters & Scooty in India, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Provide your phone number, OTP (one-time password), email address and name before proceeding.
  3. In order to complete your reservation successfully.
  4. To reserve a bicycle, a payment of Rs 499 must be made via debit card, UPI net banking or Money.

Reviews on Upcoming Honda Activa Electric Scooter

Are you new to electric scooters but unsure which model would be the right one for you? Look no further! In this article, we’ll review our Honda Activa electric scooter as one of the most sought-after models on the market and highlight its features, specifications and pros/cons so that you can make an informed decision.

Honda’s Activa electric scooter is an excellent way for urban dwellers seeking green, convenient transport. Not only is this scooter stylish, but its many special characteristics help it stand out from other models. Here is our overview of five reasons you should check our reviews before deciding to purchase this bike; why wait any longer? Take a look now to learn more! Honda recently unveiled their ambitious plans for electric vehicles (EVs), with plans in the works for major production runs of batteries by their subsidiary company – so don’t wait up! Honda have announced their ambitions with plans already announced to produce batteries!

Activa Competitors

Honda Activa are ideal scoters for anyone seeking a greener journey. Powered by a motor, this emissions-free vehicle offers up 50 km of range without concern about fuel. Furthermore, these eco-friendly rides make great family vehicles and Honda Activa is easy and comfortable for driving – ideal if you want something effortless that doesn’t take up all your time mastering new techniques. For anyone in search of green transportation with simple operations and no learning curve necessary – Honda Activa are an excellent choice.

Honda range of bikes aren’t too high; their batteries can be quickly switched into fully charged state, thus alleviating worries over range and charging issues compared with competitors in this segment.


Honda unveiled the Honda Activa during India’s Auto Expo auto show and revealed it in India for the first time as an electric scooter designed specifically to meet Indian market requirements. Estimated pricing of 2023; expected colors include blue and yellow. Honda also unveiled their launch of their motorcycle-like Honda scooter as part of this announcement – read up on all your needs to know regarding it here in our blog post about it!

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