Satnamis Religious place in Chhattisgarh Girodhpuri Dham

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Satnamis Religious place in Chhattisgarh Girodhpuri Dham

Popular as the birthplace of many great men and saints, Chhattisgarh is definitely a pilgrim’s paradise. Among them is the preacher of the Satnami sect, Shri Ghasi Das (1756-1850CE).

He was a supporter of the Satnami sect of Hinduism in the 18th century. Coming from Girodhpuri, Raipur area, he taught Satnam to a variety of Indians, especially individuals of Chhattisgarh. Master Ghasi Das was born upon 18th Dec 1756 to Mahangudas as well as Amrautin in Girodhpuri.

From his childhood years, Master Ghasi Das was a brilliant, smart as well as tranquility caring kid. Sharp as well as loaded with favorable power he took unique rate of interest in ‘Satsangs’. While having fun with various other kids he would certainly show them valuable elements of life and also resolve their several issues quickly as well as virtually. Determining a treasure from a load of coal, his dad Mahangudas chose to obtain him wed to the child of Anjori Das and also Satyavati from Sirpur. Their little girl Safura was an incredibly charming, gifted, comfortable as well as type lady. The couple honored with 4 gorgeous boys, specifically – Amar Das, Balak Das, Agar Das, Adgadiya Das, and also little girl Sahodra Das.

Throughout Ghasi Das’ guruship, Convergence of Maratha’s as well as British leaders. The dominating political, spiritual, cost-effective as well as social circumstances influenced him and also his training significantly. He understood that the globe contained social wickedness like untouchability, oppression, bigotry, superstitious notion and also misuse. Fed up with the disorderly globe, he entered into the woodland as well as involved himself in deep reflection.

On the Chata Hill, below the Mood, Dhoura as well as Tendu trees, Expert Ghasi Das practiced meditation for 6 lengthy months. After much penance he achieved total self understanding or ‘Satnam’. He came to be the informed one as well as attained endless power.

Master Ghasi Das returned residence to Girodhpuri, yet till after that his partner Safura had actually currently passed away. Upon listening to the information he informed the citizens to dig her out of her tomb to make sure that he can bring her back to life. Being afraid the difficult, the citizens recommended Master Ghasi Das initially experiment it on a dead calf bone. Satguru Baba Ghasi Das sprayed divine water on the dead calf bone, while shouting “Satnam-Satnam” at the same time. Everyone was stunned to see the dead calf bone return to life! He likewise brought his partner Safura back from the dead. As a homage to these wonders the “Bachiya Jeevandaan Sthal” and also “Safura Jeevandaan Sthal” were developed in Girodhpuri Dham. The Safura Mathematics is additionally constructed near a fish pond at Girodhpuri Dham.

Master Ghasi Das Baba was a found out male and also a saint that had uncommon powers. The fantastic saint of Chhattisgarh adhered to easy and also clinical strategies like Lord Buddha to remove caste system and also dealt with versus lack of knowledge of Hindus to boost them from caste wrongs and also pathology. Expert Ghasi Das Baba transformed the means individuals assumed with his preaching and also as he aged, his popularity spread everywhere.

The adored saint Master Ghasi Das left Girodhpuri and also mosted likely to Bhandarpuri. Spreading out the “Satnam” method of living almost everywhere, he took a trip throughout Chhattisgarh. Several struggling males and females of various faiths were boosted by this magnificent saint and also they occupied “Satnam” as their brand-new religious beliefs. Influenced by his wonders and also commitment, millions ended up being Satnamis.

Satguru Baba Ghasi Das’ Principles

1. Satnam is everything. It is deeply rooted in every being and so must be followed for eternal peace.

2. Sat is a jewel that every human possesses. Therefore, ‘Sat’ must imbibed into the mind, body, soul, promises, actions and religion. That will make you wise, good willed and good natured. 3. Every human is equal to another on this earth.

4. A ‘Satnami’ is one who is free from the clutches of idol worship, superstition,

untouchability, racism, blind faith, animal sacrifice, and social evils like these.

5. You must become a Satnami by avoiding sins like, violence, temptation, anger, greed, ego and jealousy and welcome human qualities like kindness, compassion, non-violence, honesty and brotherhood.

6. Men and women are equals. Give respect to every woman. Treat her like your mother.

7. Be kind to all animals. Do not make cows and buffalos plough in the field all day and let them rest in the afternoon.

Main attractions of Girodhpuri Dham

Every year in the Fagun Magh, during the Shukla Paksha Panchami, Shashthi, and Saptami a huge fair is held. Lacs of Satnamis come from all across the country to witness this grand fair with the aim to fulfil all their wishes and seek Baba Guru Ghasi Das’s blessings.

Satguru Baba Ghasi Das’ main seating place

It lies on top of a hillside, simply 2km far from Girodhpuri. It was below that after investing 6 months in the woodland doing Tapasya, Ghasi Das returned and also created path-breaking concepts of a brand-new egalitarian caste. The Satnam Panth is stated to be based upon these concepts developed by Master Ghasi Das. This was where he practiced meditation and also got knowledge. Numerous supporters involve the ‘Gurugaddi’ to look for the Satguru’s true blessings and also obtain their petitions responded to.


In the southerly instructions from the ‘Gurugaddi, there is a hillside below which there is a little Kund called the Charankund. After a 6 month long reflection, when Expert Ghasi Das cleaned his feet after achieving ‘Satnami Knowledge’, that area became honoured as the Charankund. It is thought that the divine water right here eases one and all of every condition, problem and also condition.


It is thought that the Satguru had actually healed many pets of different conditions by creating the ‘Amrut Jal’. This Kund is called the Amrutkund. This area is simply 100m far from the Charankund. Throughout the years, the water of the Amrutkund has actually not been ruined and also can healing different illness also today.

New Jaitkhamb

Chhattisgarh has the highest Jaitkhamb worldwide! The elevation of this awesome framework is 77m or 243ft that makes it 7m taller than the Qutub Minar. The Jaitkhamb is among one of the most renowned visitor destinations in Chhattisgarh. Charanchinha Sthal: The deep impact of Satguru Ghasi Das’ feet has actually been based on a rock. This sanctuary is called the Charanchinha Sthal.

Baghpanja Sthal

The impression of a lion’s paw can be found on a huge rock. It is said that this impression was formed when Satpurush Sahib came in the quise of a lion to test the principles of Satguru Ghasi Das.


It was here that Satguru Ghasi Das attained Satnami wisdom. This place is known as Panchakundi – where five Kunds are made. Devotees drink the holy water of these Kunds. The Panchakundi is just 6km from the ‘Tapobhumi’

Jonk River: Just a little ahead of the Maharaji Village is the Jonk River. Always flowing with clear, pristine water, the Jonk River has an elephant-like rock right in the middle. Tourists find it extremely unique and amusing!

Birthplace of Satguru Baba Ghasi Das: The great saint was born in the small town of Girodhpuri. Not just that, his sons, Amar Das, Balak Das, Agar Das, Adgadiya Das, and daughter Sahodra Das were also born here. At the entrance of the birthplace is a huge Jaitkhamb worth visiting!

Safura Math and Pond

Very close to the birthplace of the Satguru is a small pond on the banks of which the Safura Math is situated. Built in the memory of a miracle by Guru Ghasi Das, where he revived his wife Safura, this place holds an enchanting enigma.

Bachiya Jeevandaan Sthal

Satguru Ghasi Das had breathed life back into an innocent calf. The place where this miracle happened is called Bachiya Jeevandaan Sthal.

Behra Doli

On the way to Girodhpuri is a beautiful farm called Behra Doli. It was here that the Satguru had ploughed the farm with the help of an aggressive bull and sowed seeds. The mud was freed of all fungus and impurities with his touch. That’s why this place is also called ‘Matiya’ Doli.

Other Tirths of Satnam Religion

Bhandarpuri: Telasipuri Dham-Bhandarpuri is located on the Raipur- Baloda Bazaar highway, near Kharora. Satguru Ghasi Das had walked from Girodhpuri Dham to Bhandarpuri. Here, in the Telasipuri Dham, the Guruparivar Mahal and temple is located.

Chettuva Puri Dham: Satguru Ghasi Das had a son called Amar Das who was equally sincere, devout, wise and visionary. His Samadhi Mandir is situated on the banks of Shivnath. A popular pilgrimage site, the Chettuva Puri Dham is in close vicinity of Girodhpuri.


There are plenty of luxurious hotels, shelters and guest houses in Raipur and Bilaspur

How to reach

By Air: Raipur (135km) is the nearest airport well connected to Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Vishakhapatnam and Chennai.

By Rail: Raipur and Bilaspur are the nearest railway stations on the Bombay Howrah main line.

By Road: Local taxis, buses and private vehicles are available for transport from Raipur, Bilaspur and Shivrinarayan to Girodhpuri.

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