Dop India Post Agent Login & Process Recover Forget Password

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DoP India Post Agent Login: DoP India Post Agent Login (DoP) was the primary commercial postal system established in 1854 within India’s Ministry of Communications that is more commonly known by its common name India Post. This Login process for DoP agents requires registration. India Post is widely recognized as being one of the largest postal systems worldwide, serving millions of employees through post offices throughout India and across its borders. Established by Lord Dalhousie who laid the groundwork for current Indian Postal Services with standardization rates across the board and improved services nationwide.

Dop India Post Agent Login

Indian Postal Department has designed an online portal specifically for DoP Agents – Dopagent India Post login website is and all India Post Agents can utilize this link to log into DOP India Post Agent page online. DoP has long been at the center of life for numerous workers who have benefitted from its commission awards. Established by Lord Dalhousie who laid the groundwork for modern Indian mail services. Postal agents also helped exchange rates or improve across the nation, acting as intermediary between post offices and investors. Any Indian citizen can apply to become an agent of postal service but applicants must follow specific procedures when doing so.

The Department of Posts can trace its roots back to 1854. Also referred to as Post Office, this entity falls under the Ministry of Communications and performs some of the most intricate and comprehensive duties across the nation. India Post provides affordable post office prices, making them the go-to choice for many customers across the nation. India Post has over 155,000 post offices nationwide and is the world’s largest postal system. Lord Dalhousie created their Department of Posts which established modern India Postal Services with standard rates across India as well as improved services throughout its nation.

Dop India Post Agent Login & Process Recover Forget Password
Dop India Post Agent Login & Process Recover Forget Password

Types of DoP Agents

  • Standard Agent System SAS
  • Mahila Pradhan Kshetriya Bachat Yojna agent (MPKBY)
  • Public provident fund PPF.

Services offered by DoP

  • Money transfer via Money-order services.
  • Mail delivery in all cities and states throughout the US.
  • Providing Rural Life Insurance RPL and Life Insurance PLI.
  • Additionally, India Post accepts deposits from small savings plans.
  • India Post’s federal pension payment system assists with payments to the federal government.
  • Offers general retail services like selling forms and bill collection.
  • They currently boast 155,015 post offices around India – the highest concentration worldwide.

Documents for all types of India Post Agent Application

  • Application form.
  • Agreement form.
  • Nomination form.
  • Photocopy of an official document issued by the SAS agency.
  • Documentation which proves birth and ration card.
  • An affidavit authenticated by Magistrate at Rs 10/- each.
  • Two certificates of authenticity and two passport-sized photos taken within the past year for use with PPF (2 images for PPF; four photos will also be required to qualify for MPKBY and SAS) are necessary for participation.

Responsibilities and Duties of India Post Agent

  • Activities to promote sales for products like KVP, NSC, TD, MIS, PPF and Sukanya Yojana etc should also take place to boost sales of these products.
  • Agents serve as an important link between post office services and investors.
  • Investors have access to postal services right at their homes through agents serving as liaisons.
  • Carrying out collection actions.
  • Each month the money collected from investors is then paid over into the postal office for payment.
  • Agents are required to make changes in the passbook for postal plans of the government.
  • Promote them among the general public, increasing sales performance and revenues at post offices.
  • PLI’s India Post Agent Portal and Agent Hub should be used by agents to connect investors’ accounts.

The Process to Do India Post Agent Login

  • To do this, they must visit “
  • Its homepage displays and enter their login password and username to access this feature of the portal.
  • After you log in, click the login button.
  • Change your password immediately as this ensures your account remains safe since its initial password will have been provided by the main department.
  • Your password needs to reflect your preferences. Tips Use a difficult-to-crack, yet easily remembered password.
  • Once this step has been completed, click on the Accounts tab and select an agent you would like to contact before refreshing your screen.
  • The system will display any accounts connected with them.
  • Here you can select your payment method of choice such as cash/DOP or non-cheque.
  • From the list provided to you, select how many accounts you wish to settle.
  • Arrange them in ascending order before selecting Details and Saving (To get started, go directly to our official website here). To start this process off right now.

Steps to Retrieve India Post Agent Login Password

  • First of all, visit the official website by clicking here.
  • Once on the homepage of the site, click “Forgot Password”.
  • When prompted to provide login email of an agent and then verify, select “Forgotten Password”.
  • A link will then be sent directly to your inbox with instructions for changing it – click this link and follow its prompts to reset your password!

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