Damakheda Kabeer Panth Religious place in Chhattisgarh

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Damakheda Kabeer Panth Religious place in Chhattisgarh

“Hope and delusion do not die.Like oil is inside its seed, Just as lire is inside the flint stone, Your God is inside you. If you have the power to awaken it, then awaken it.”

These were the divine words of Saint Kabir. Chhattisgarh has actually been honored by the divine visibility of this fantastic guy and also lacs of Chhattisgarhis have actually taken advantage of his life-altering lessons. Below, the many individuals that have actually complied with the honorable course of Saint Kabir are called ‘Kabirpanthis’. The lives of these Kabirpanthis have actually changed significantly by the purposeful preaching of the divine saint. By conquering the adverse facets of their nature, the Kabirpanthis have actually embraced a basic living, consequently getting internal tranquility and also happiness. Kabirpanth is much more a way of living that can be complied with by anyone regardless of caste, creed, or religious beliefs.

Saint Kabir affected individuals to rely on benefits by battling physical violence, bigotry, as well as wrong. His training was focused on altering the lives of individuals via compassion, love, league and also non-violence. This is the major reason Kabirpanth is a well-known spiritual course selected by millions around the world, mostly in Bhutan, Nepal, Mauritius, Fiji, as well as various other European nations.

Kabirpanth offers utmost significance to the expert and also there are Kabir Ashrams spread around Chhattisgarh. The manager of these Ashrams is called a Mahant. Normal petition incantations as well as divine offerings are of utmost significance right here. The Indian custom of providing puja to the Expert on every event is adhered to with excellent fervour right here. The method of ‘Chauka’ is accomplished by putting the Master on a greater stand as well as honouring Saint Kabir as well as Saint Dharamdas with blossoms, coconut and also acquiescing their feet.

Kabir Tirth at Damakheda

Chhattisgarh’s most sacrosanct pilgrimage destination for Kabirpanthis, Damakheda is located at a distance of 10km on the Raipur Bilaspur Highway. Based on the principles of honesty, wisdom and humanity, the Kabirmath was established in 1903 by the 12th guru of Kabirpanth, Shri Ugranaam Sahib on Dussehra. From then onwards, Damakheda became famous as a Kabirpanth Tirth.

Saint Dharamdas was a sincere as well as genuine pupil of Kabir Sahib. Originating from a town called Amriya, Bandhavgarh, in Madhya Pradesh, he was presented with spiritual understanding by Saint Kabir.

The 2nd kid of Saint Dharamdas, Muktamani Sahib, was offered the honour of advertising Kabirpanth for 42 generations. This was exactly how Muktamani Sahib came to be the very first Vanshguru of Kabirpanth, making the Kudurmal, a town of Chhattisgarh in Korba, his primary location.

Muktamani Sahib proceeded his divine trip and also developed much more Kabir Tirths anywhere. The practice of Vanshgurus in Chhattisgarh started with Kudurmal infecting Ratanpur, Mandala (Madhya Pradesh), Dhamdha, Sinhodi (Madhya Pradesh), Kabirdham (Kawardha), ultimately getting to Damakheda. Also today, Damakheda is among one of the most popular as well as sacrosanct Tirth for Kabirpanthis. Currently the 15th Vanshguru, Shri Prakashmuni Sahib, is spreading out the mentors of Saint Kabir.

The main attractions in Damakheda are the Kabir Ashram and Samadhi Temple.

Samadhi Temple

One of one of the most imaginative holy places, the Kabir Mandir has the life of Saint Kabir sculpted in rock. Right here, the thoughtful visibility of Saint Kabir brings in enthusiasts to the Samadhi. At the centre of the Samadhi Mandir, Samadhis of various other Vanshgurus like Ugranaam Sahib, Dayanam Sahib, Granthmuni Sahib as well as prized Expert Matas lie. A holy place devoted to the very first Vanshguru of Kabirpanth, Muktamani Sahib, is additionally developed below.

Standing in front of this holy place one can see the white flag, a sign of Kabirpanth, trembling airborne. Raised in addition to a marble arc, the flag instils belief in the hearts of site visitors. Enthusiasts originate from away locations simply to obtain the true blessings of adored saints below. Their humbleness is brought back, their vanities disappear and also they turn into one with the preacher of benefits.

Fairs and Festivals

From Magh Shukla Dashami to Magh Pournima, the ‘Sant Samagam Samaroh is commemorated in Damakheda with wonderful passion as well as passion. Followers, Mahantas, Saints and also Gurus from all throughout the country pertained to join this ‘Satsang. This occasion is a fantastic system for spreading out the kind words as well as life-altering preaching of Saint Kabir via Bhajans as well as Speeches.

Dusshera is commemorated with excellent pleasure and also interest in Damakheda as it is taken into consideration to be the advantageous day when Kabirpanth was started. A grand Shobha Yatra’ (procession) of the Vanshguru is executed and all the supporters belong of this spiritual custom. Saint Kabir’s ‘Prakat Divas’ is commemorated as Kabir Jayanti on Jyeshtha Pournima every year.

Taken into consideration an incredibly divine Tirth by Kabirpanthis, Damakheda witnesses various sorts of enthusiasts that throng this trip location each year. Kabirpanth is for that reason happily taken into consideration one of the most selfless lifestyle. The arms of this adored location are open for one and all. Humanity is honored with Saint Kabir’s significant trainings and also Kabirpanth is spreading out everywhere all throughout the globe.


Simga (12km) and Raipur (45km) have excellent resorts and hotels for a comfortable stay.

How to reach

By Air: Raipur is the nearest airport well connected to Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Vishakhapatnam and Chennai.

By Rail: Raipur is the nearest railway station on the Bombay-Howrah main line.

By Road: Local taxis and private vehicles are available for transport from Raipur.

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