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Bulk WhatsApp Panel | Bulk Whatsapp messaging Website | Bulk WhatsApp Panel @ 0.09 Paise : Hello my dear friends we all do WhatsApp marketing for our business to grow, for that, we use software, like bot master, wa sender, whatsabot, ws tool etc. But as we all know that, in all these software, our mobile numbers in which we install WhatsApp are Banned.

For that solution only I have something interesting for you….. that is bulk whatsapp panel so be with me.

Bulk WhatsApp Panel

So in your mind, there will be the first question that sir we know about Bulk voice call what is this Bulk Whatsapp panel so,
Bulk WhatsApp Panel is a web-based platform that enables businesses to connect with their customers through bulk WhatsApp messages. This platform helps businesses send out bulk messages, create automated messages, and manage customer conversations efficiently. It also provides analytics and insights about customer engagement and usage. Bulk WhatsApp Panel can be used to create campaigns, track customer conversations, and manage customer relationships.

Which Bulk Whatsapp Panel we Should Choose?

Look my friends, as you all know I am your real friend and i am giving reviews for you guys for the last 2 years so I will tell you some pointers to keep in mind while choosing the best bulk WhatsApp panel in the market.

1. Delivery Rate of your messages

There are many players for bulk whatsapp panel in this market who are giving this service but as we all know, their work is not that good for us, because their delivery rate is just 70%, it means when you put 1,00,000 messages then they can skip your messages like 20 to 30 thousands of messages, so this is a total waste of money. So you should find some company that can deliver atleast 95% to 100% messages.

2. Price Per Message

Yes, this is the very main thing that you have to think about, when you try to take this bulk whatsapp panels that at what price they are sending a message for you. so the price should be always low.

3. Speed of total Message Sending

This is one thing that someone should care about, because if you think about, really doing business and it depends on time… so if messages are going very late, so this is not a good thing for your business, it just useless. so keep in mind time is very important while sending messages in these bulk whatsapp panels.

4. Minimum Purchase Amount

This is the main thing that someone should think like, when you buy this system they offer you a price like for 10,000INR you will get 50k messages, with 50,000INR you will get like 5lakh messages, all these types of offers you get. But this is not about the offer, this is about understanding the services, that they provide. like this is worth it for you at that price or not. Like are they giving a free demo, or can you try those services for at least 1000rs? if yes just take that bulk whatsapp panel.

My Suggestion for you

So if you really ask me about, brother did you get any type of panel, that has this type of good services, like they are giving 95-100% delivery rate, they have really at a low price, are they really fast ? , Minimum purchase amount is really low . So yes I know this Bulk whatsapp panel that you can take and definitely try for free.

Features of this Bulk Whatsapp Panel

1. Delivery rate 95%

2. Price per message is 0.15 Paise

3. Speed is Like Minimum of 30 minutes to 2 hours( For 1 lakh message)

4. Minimum Purchase amount is 1000rs.

So the panel which I am going to tell you that you can see by clicking on this link: Bulk WhatsApp Panel

Best Bulk Whatsapp Panel According to me free demo absolutely you should try.
Bulk WhatsApp Panel Bulk Whatsapp messaging Website Bulk WhatsApp Panel

This is a panel that you can see in the video also that this company is very good and running its business since 2017, and growing like a matching, because of its nice services and all that they provide at the cheapest rate.

Bulk whatsapp Panel pricing plans

50 Messages10,000 Messages55,555 Messages1,25,000 Messages
Free0.15 Paise0.14 Paise0.12 Paise
Virtual NumberVirtual NumberVirtual NumberVirtual Number
Timing (10 AM To 6 PM)Timing (10 AM To 6 PM)Timing (10 AM To 6 PM)Timing (10 AM To 6 PM)
Support (24*7)Support (24*7)Support (24*7)Support (24*7)
Validity LifetimeValidity LifetimeValidity LifetimeValidity Lifetime
0.00 INR (Total Price)1,500 INR (Total Price)7,777 INR (Total Price)15,000 INR (Total Price)
Buy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now

so I hope guys you like this article review that I wrote above for you .

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