Cheapest Bulk Voice Calling Software | Bulk Voice call Software

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Cheapest Bulk Voice Calling Software | Bulk voice call software
Cheapest Bulk Voice Calling Software | Bulk voice call software

Hello friends today i am going to tell you the Cheapest Bulk voice calling software or we can say Bulk voice call software that are used to call on bulk mobile number with a pre-recorded voice to every number that has been fitted in this software. so that business owners can take the benefit of this audio type of advertisement.

Bulk Voice Calling Software

Bulk Voice calling software for mobile phones – Bulk voice calling software for mobile phones is a powerful tool that allows you to make bulk voice calls to multiple mobile phones at the same time. This software is very useful for businesses that need to make a large number of calls to their customers or employees.

It is also useful for individuals who need to make a large number of calls to their friends or family members. This software is very easy to use and it comes with a user friendly interface. Bulk Voice calling software allows users to send bulk voice calls to mobile phones.

The software typically includes a database of mobile phone numbers, and users can select which numbers to call. The software may also allow users to record their voice messages and schedule when the calls should be made.

Cheapest Voice Calling Software

So now you will think about this that , so where can you find this software and at a very good price also. so don’t worry your brother is here going to tell you. So after doing so many researches i have got a wonderful Company that is providing this voice calling software system at a very low price.(Note:- This is our company …….hehe.)

So now you will ask me this that really…… it is true at very low price,, okay so break this suspense and tell us now. okay so before breaking the suspense first of all you should know the other sites like , how much money they charging for this.

  1. -> it takes 40 Paise(INR) per messages
  2. -> it takes 80 Paise(INR) per messages
  3. -> it takes 1.9 RS(INR) per messages
  4. -> it takes 60 Paise(INR) per messages

So here i can tell you with my big heart that our price for sending one message is just 20 Paise(INR) , wow its seems wonderful ..

So we have three plans, so i am making a table for you to understand.. below

About this Amazing Company

So the company name is IamChhattisgarh Software Solution, it is based on Chhattisgarh India. It has been started in 2020 as a digital market agency, but now a days this company is providing wonderful software’s for the people who really wants to grow there business.

So if you love the pricing scheme given below ,where you can directly go or you can write an email to us at or you can send a WhatsApp message on this number

Cheapest Pricing for Bulk Voice Call Software

25,000 Voice Call50,000 Voice Call1,05,263 Voice Call2,77,777 Voice Call
20 Paise20 Paise19 Paise18 Paise
Sender ID (Unique)Sender ID (Unique)Sender ID (Unique)Sender ID (Unique)
Timing (9 AM To 9 PM)Timing (9 AM To 9 PM)Timing (9 AM To 9 PM)Timing (9 AM To 9 PM)
Support (24*7)Support (24*7)Support (24*7)Support (24*7)
Validity LifetimeValidity LifetimeValidity LifetimeValidity Lifetime
5000 INR (Total Price)10,000 INR (Total Price)20,000 INR (Total Price)50,000 INR (Total Price)
Buy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now

Free Demo for Bulk Voice Calling Software

So if you really and serious about your business, and really wanted to advertise this software, so you can take free demo with us.

For demo you can e-mail your mobile number at or whatsapp at . So please be serious and don’t do annoying messages.

So message me fast dude…because clock is doing tick tok.

Bulk Whatsapp Message Sending Software

Bulk WhatsApp sender is a program that allows you to send messages to multiple WhatsApp numbers at once. The program is designed for businesses and organizations that need to send bulk messages to their customers or members.

The WhatsApp Message Sending Software allows businesses to send WhatsApp messages to their customers. This software can be used to send messages to multiple customers at once, or to send individual messages to specific customers. businesses can use this software to send updates, promotions, or any other messages that they feel would be beneficial to their customers.

So if you also wants to see the demo of this Bulk WhatsApp message sending software you can click here to visit that.

Bulk SMS Sending software

So like Bulk voice calling software , bulk WhatsApp sending software we also have , Bulk SMS sending software, where you can send text messages to the people mobile number.

This was used just few years back,, updated version is WhatsApp and voice call.. so you should use them,, but as a company this is our responsibility to provide this type of things also.

So guys if you love this article you can share it with your friends. Like and don’t forget to see the video practical video of this Bulk voice calling software.

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