BTS Members Age 2023, What is The Birthday date of All BTS Members In 2023

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BTS Members Age 2023: If we take a closer look at BTS conversations between members, it is clear to see some trends among them from older to younger members: younger ones typically tend to be more energetic and enthusiastic, whereas the older members tend to remain peaceful and cool. Jin will turn 29 in January 2023 while Jungkook, will turn 24. Korean time will see Jin officially turn thirty-years-old at first dawn of 2023! Do you know all the true ages for all members from youngster to oldest in BTS from chronological to 2023? Through this post we will uncover information regarding chronological ages as well as 2023 estimates!

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BTS Members Age 2023

Are You an Engaged Social Media User Who Likes Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts? This could mean you have watched some clips from Bangtan Boys members? Probably! BTS or Bangtan Boys (seven musicians hailing from South Korea who rule hearts worldwide with amazing choreography and sound) has won the hearts of a wide array of people who adore these performers; therefore it should come as no surprise that many search online for BTS members’ birth dates due to their wide popularity.

BTS is one of the world’s best-known bands, beloved by millions. BTS Members Age 2023 provides fans with information regarding the average ages of BTS members by 2023; read further to discover who will make up 2023’s lineup of members! BTS is one of the world’s best-loved KPOP boy bands and beloved by millions worldwide. Supporters, often called BTS Army members, look forward to updates regarding BTS members who turn 2023 years old as soon as they know. Below is a list of BTS members born between 2023-2024 with their birth dates for reference.

BTS Members Age 2023, What is The Birthday date of All BTS Members In 2023
BTS Members Age 2023, What is The Birthday date of All BTS Members In 2023

BTS Members Age 2023

BTS MembersDate Of BirthAge
JinDecember 04, 199229 Years
SugaMarch 09, 199328 Years
J-HopeFebruary 18, 199427 Years
RMSeptember 12, 199427 Years
JiminOctober 13, 199526 Years
VDecember 30, 199526 Years
JungkookSeptember 01, 199724 Years

BTS Members Birthday Date and Age 2023 in Details


Are You Searching For BTS Birthday Information? His birthday falls on October 13th 1995 under Libra zodiac. At 27 years old he possesses qualities such as graceful disposition, elegance and charisma that define this sign. Her world is one of beauty and art, evidenced by her contemporary dancing moves which have won over many hearts. Jimin is known for being generous as evidenced by his donation of $88,000 worth of uniforms he provided schools, plus signing copies of albums he designed. Furthermore, Jimin also helped support students from families with limited income through Busan Education Department.


Suga of BTS celebrated her 27th Birthday on the 9th March 1993 and it can be hard to judge from his performances alone. Suga is among the most notable performers who is also pursuing solo projects; she hails from Pisces as her zodiac sign indicates compassion, openness and sensitivity which is shown through her donation of 88000 dollars and 329 BT21 Shuki dolls to the Korean Pediatric Cancer Foundation as part of his birthday gift – she is considered an anti-discrimination force as she always cares for children’s psychological wellbeing despite being only 27 years old herself!

RM (Kim Namjoon)

Kim Namjoon, commonly known as RM was born September 12th 1994 during autumn. As a member of Virgo with Mercury being its ruler and possessing strong speech and writing capabilities reflected in their rap bars; 26 year-old BTS member RM also acts as one of their top translators with English-speaking interviewers as well as desire from non-BTS members wanting to learn from him as leader since they first joined.


Are You Searching for BTS’ Birthday? He was given his nickname Golden Makkah when born on 1 September 1997 and currently stands 23. Being another Virgo in a group or group, Jungkook displays all the attributes expected from such individuals; being both the smallest member and being very well known due to his work. Jungkook released several well-known songs with BTS as well as videos for YouTube shows as well as producing Life Goes On, providing drumming skills used during Dynamite, their most successful live show. In terms of entry companies before joining Big Hit, Jungkook eventually met RM and joined Big Hit after meeting up.

V (Kim Tae-Hyung)

Kim Tae-Hyung Wi was born December 30th 1995 under the zodiac sign Capricorn with 27. His birth sign reflects both his personality and actions; V is known for having charismatic personalities with unwavering work ethics – perfect traits in Capricorns! Not just a musician but also an aspiring actor, V serves as model for famous actors such as Jaehyun and Byun Hyun-min who look up to him for modeling their roles; his distinctive voice takes time to adjust with his appearance – also well known as master of mischief!


Are You Still Wondering When Jin Is BTS’ Birthday? Jin was born December 4, 1992 and currently stands at age 28. One of the more cheerful members in BTS, Jin belongs to Sagittarius which is an amicable and charming zodiac sign; as its Lord of Jupiter. Jin boasts an extrovert personality while remaining lively and inquisitive; traveling is his passion as is exploring various philosophies and cultures from around the globe; as an accomplished actor he recently opened up an authentic Japanese restaurant within South Korea alongside his brother.


Remember the line, “I’m Your Hope, You’re My Hope – J-Hope”? J-Hope was born 18 February 1994 and currently aged 26. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius which suits his exuberant personality perfectly. In particular, J-Hope stands out as being known for her spectacular dancing ability in addition to being quirky and active; winning national dance competitions; she is extremely friendly and positive by nature making J-Hope an exceptional combination of characteristics such as unique personality ability, intelligence and temperament – making him stand out even among her contemporaries!

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