Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2023 Name And Photo, Voting Poll, Grand Finale Updates & Prediction

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Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2023: Debuted on Colors Channel this October 1st 2022 and hosted by actor Salman Khan, for its 16th season. There were 16 contestants initially and many wildcards joining Bigg Boss 16; its end date has also been extended until February 12 2023 and weekend episodes premiere both Saturday and Friday for the first time in Bigg Boss history!

This post covers Bigg Boss 16 Winner, Predictions and Final Voting in detail. As we approach February 12th 2023’s Bigg Boss Finale broadcast by Salman Khan will become increasingly relevant. With his hosting of the show via internet as the final winner announced.

Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2023

Bigg Boss 16 house competition has reached fever pitch as the final approaches quickly, all contestants remain upbeat. Remaining racers include: Priyanka Chahar Choudhary Shalin Bhanot Tina Datta Soundarya Sharma Sumbul Touqeer Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia Sreejita De and Sajid Khan are set to race through to victory!

Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Shiv Thakare were often mentioned by Bigg Boss viewers in their comments, often as potential winners on Salman-hosted show. Notably, both individuals won all other polls on social media including that conducted by Colors poll and many former contestants and TV celebrities have predicted they will make it into the top two contestants of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2023 Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2023
Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2023 Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2023

Bigg Boss 16 Details 2023

Name of the ShowBigg Boss
Number of Seasons16
Launched in3rd November 2006
Television ChannelColors TV
OTT PlatformVoot Select App
Starting Date of the 16th Season1st October 2022
Grand FinaleYet To Be Announced
WinnerYet To Be Announced
Number of Contestants16+ Contestants
Host of the ShowSalman Khan

Bigg Boss 16, one of the most-watched reality shows ever, will soon reach its conclusion and viewers are eager to know who won this season Priyanka Chahar Choudhary may soon be revealed by prominent people and other celebrities as the winner of Bigg Boss 16. However, if she was revealed early as such then perhaps viewers won’t have to wait as long for an answer!

Bigg Boss Season 16 Grand Final 2023

Bigg Boss 16 will soon reach its Grand Finale and participants can now have the opportunity to claim both its trophy and winner’s prize. It was originally planned for February 12th 2023 but due to an extension, this date has now been moved forward by several weeks. For more details take a look at this table of reality shows below.

Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2023 Runner-Up

Bigg Boss 16 fans are overjoyed to finally know the winner of India’s most controversial reality show. According to reports, it appears Priyanka Chahar Choudhary was announced as Bigg Boss 16’s winner by certain celebrities; according to reports MC Stan or Shiv Thakare may take home Bigg Boss 16 as its likely winners; their prizes could even benefit those on Bigg Boss 16.

Bigg Boss 16 contestants are inching closer to their finale in three days. Head-to-head competition winners will take home a trophy. Viewers eagerly anticipate finding out who takes home this prestigious honor; winners and runners-up are being featured on social media as are performances. Nimrit was among a select few who received an exit pass during this last week of competition.

Competitors remaining within Bigg Boss 16’s house who will compete in the final race include Priyanka Chahar, MC Stan, Shuv Thakare, Shalin and Archana Gautam. Shiv Thakare and MC Stan are expected to come in second and first, respectively in each category, with Chahar predicted as an unlikely champion. According to unofficial Bigg Boss 16 voting statistics Priyanka is in first place with highest vote percentage.

Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2023

Since 2006, India’s most-watched and successful television show Bigg Boss has delighted viewers. Drawing inspiration from Dutch reality series Big Brother as its basis, Season 1 premiered on Sony TV and subsequent seasons have since been broadcast via Colors TV. TRP ratings have skyrocketed since season one aired; audiences and their fans alike have shown great love for Bigg Boss as it celebrated 16 episodes starting October 1, 2022 and celebrating all its accomplishments with applause from viewers around the country.

Since the 16th season kicked off airing, viewers have eagerly anticipated finding out who will become Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2023. According to reports, originally intended for December 2022 broadcast, but its creators extended it further and it will now air in January 2023 instead. With competition among contestants fiercer than ever and all eyes looking towards finding out who emerges victorious as Bigg Boss 16 Winner 2023!

Bigg Boss 16 Winner Name And Photo

Reports suggest that contestant Priyanka Chaudhary may win Bigg Boss Season 16 according to several reports. She currently leads the contestant list and enjoys high popularity ratings; Shiv Thackeray currently holds second position; followed by MC Stan, currently third on this race for victory on Bigg Boss Season 16.

Bigg Boss Winner Voting Poll

Bigg Boss will air its 16th season starting October 1, 2022 on Colors TV as well as Voot Select OTT platform and polls are open now for viewers to cast their votes for this series.

 Name of the ContestantsRank of the ContestantsProfession of the Contestants
Priyanka Chaudhari1stTV Actress
Shiv Thackrey2ndActor
MC Stain3rdRapper
Abdul Rozik4thSocial Media Star
Sambal Taukeer khan5thTV Actress
Saundarya Sharma6thActress/Doctor
Tina Dutta7thTV Actress
Gautam Vig8thTV Actor
Nimrat Kaur9thTV Actress
Shalin Bhanot10thTV Actor
Ankit Gupta11thTV Actor
Archana Gautam12thActress
Gori Nagori13thDancer
Sajid Khan14thFilm Director
Manya Singh15thMiss India
Sreejita De16thTV Actress
Bigg Boss Sixteenth Season Winner Prediction

As previously discussed, contestant Priyanka Chaudhary is expected to win Bigg Boss season 16 due to her top ranking. Additionally, singer MC Stain and actor Shiv Thackrey sit second and third in terms of contestant rankings respectively.

No one knows yet who will win Bigg Boss Season 16 until its finale airs and the winner is announced; we cannot make predictions until then; in 2022 when that occurs we’ll update you accordingly! Watch Bigg Boss on Colors TV or Voot Select up until December.

Big Boss 16 Grand Final Winner Prize

Bigboss 16 Grand Final has concluded and we have one lucky winner: congratulations go out to Alex from Manchester who took home this year’s prize, an exquisite golden unicorn-shaped trophy from Bigg Boss 16. Alex received 21 lakhs and 80 thousand plus an exclusive Grand i10 Nios luxury vehicle as her prize!

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