Biden Jinping talks: Biden again raised the issue of China’s human rights

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Biden-Jinping talks: Biden again raised the issue of China’s human rights

Abuses Promoting Taiwan’s independence equals ‘playing with fire’: Jinping

Washington Beijing Chinese President Xi Jinping US President In a virtual meeting with Joe Biden reportedly warned that Promoting Taiwan’s independence would be ‘playing with fire

On Monday, the meeting, which lasted for about three and a half hours, helped to reduce stress and get good results. The emphasis was on relationships.

However, both could not escape Taiwan, a self-governing island in one of the vulnerable states. China considers Taiwan as its part and dreams of one day occupying it and meeting itself.

On the other hand, the ‘One China’ policy Under the US has diplomatic relations with China but how the attack Taiwan is committed to the situation.

According to Chinese state media, Jinping told Biden on the Taiwan issue that ‘he who plays with fire will burn.’ At the same time, according to the White House, Biden told ‘Taiwan Unilateral efforts to reduce peace and stability in the strait Strongly opposed.

Despite strictness on Taiwan, both leaders Ended the meeting with ‘warmjosh’. Targets ‘competition’, not ‘suggests’: Biden Biden told the meeting that his goal was to ensure competition. Don’t get involved in conflicts.

Jinping said, it is necessary that both Countries should respect each other, keep communicating. Biden Hong Kong US on human rights abuses of Uighurs in Xinjiang raised a matter of concern.

China’s ‘unfair trade practices’ also raised the issue. Climate Change was also discussed. Last week, both of them measured the climate during KOP-26. Everyone was surprised by the change. However, Vilesko says that This negotiation has not yielded much benefit.

Glad to meet ‘old friend’ Biden: Jinping said as soon as the meeting started, I am my ‘old friend’ I am very happy to see you.’ Both after Biden became President spoke for the third time. Both sides ‘friendly’ with this talks and claimed to be ‘healthy’.

Before the meeting with Jinping, Biden on Monday 1 trillion Signed the infrastructure bill over the dollar. by this The rest of the infrastructure will be upgraded. technology in china This bill is considered important to combat the

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