Airtel Tez Login Portal, Airtel Payment Bank Retailer Login and Airtel Mitra Login

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Airtel Tez Login Portal: With technology at our fingertips, everything can now be completed online – including money transfers. No longer do people have to visit banks to complete digital transactions online – instead digital transactions can now be completed from mobile phones! Airtel Network Telecommunication has taken this opportunity and created a program which offers secure online payment as well as more convenient payments.

If you want more details on the AirtelTez Portal, it is vital that you read through this entire article to gain the necessary details. It outlines benefits, eligibility requirements and how to login into the portal.

Airtel Tez Login Portal

Airtel Banking Login for Payments is your sole means of sending or receiving funds using Airtel’s NFC near-field communications technology, making transactions possible without cash. Airtel is the second-largest mobile network with over 348.3 million subscribers; therefore, AirtelTez registration portal was developed exclusively by this company to offer various services to its customers.

Airtel Tez is a company-owned portal owned by Airtel Payment Bank that can connect directly to any bank of your choice if desired. Airteltez Portal runs solely through Airtel Payment Bank as the name suggests. Furthermore, this company also serves as a telecom service provider as well as producer of SIM cards; running both domestically as well as internationally via their bank services and payments for payments made on them via Airtel Payment Bank’s bank portal called “Airteltez Portal.” In future versions of this portal you may even use Airteltez Portal outside India to gain its benefits!

Airtel Tez Login Portal, Airtel Payment Bank Retailer Login and Airtel Mitra Login
Airtel Tez Login Portal, Airtel Payment Bank Retailer Login and Airtel Mitra Login

Airtel Tez Login Portal Details

AirtelTez Related toAirtel Payment Bank Retailer Login
BenefitsMobile Recharge, Electricity Bill Payment, TV Recharge etc
AirtelTez Helpline Number8800688006
AirtelTez Official

What is Airteltez?

Bharti Airtel introduced AirtelTez as a mobile payment service in India in 2017 as an UPI-based solution that allows users to transfer cash, pay bills and perform other tasks using mobile phones. Available both as a separate download as well as part of MyAirtel application.

Airtel Payments Bank was introduced by Bharti Airtel in November 2016, providing Indian customers with mobile access to savings accounts, digital transactions, and additional banking features through Airtel Money app on their phones. Access to Airtel Payments Bank can be gained via networked bank representatives; no credit or loans are offered and it lacks physical branches.

Objective of AirtelTez Portal

AirtelTez Portal was designed with one main goal in mind – giving customers access to account and bill history information quickly and conveniently via the internet. Furthermore, this portal lets customers manage phone and airtime services via an intuitive user interface.

Airtel Telecommunication has launched this website with the primary goal of offering an internet-based payment system to all its customers. Much like other initiatives designed to facilitate digital transactions, this site aims to give its clients access to this option without needing to visit banks directly.

Airtel Payment Bank

Airtel Payment Bank provides an effective and straightforward method for you to keep a handle on your finances, with quick access to funds online or via app and no hidden charges or fees associated with payments – sign up now and start making payments with Airtel Payment Bank to start managing your financial life today!

Airtel Payment Bank is widely acknowledged to be one of India’s most reliable banks, offering incredible recharge deals as well as safe online payment services that provide customers with accurate information regarding offers. Furthermore, this bank is licensed under RBI Act 1934 for regulation. Furthermore, they operate out of Delhi where their headquarters reside.

Benefits of AirtelTez Portal

  • Airtel customers will soon be able to make secure online transactions using this portal, created to meet all registered user transactions.
  • Aspiring applicants can reap more from this site.
  • All the necessary details for enrolling are contained herein.

Services Offered By AirtelTez Portal

  • Money Transfer
  • All Bill Payment
  • Cash Withdrawls
  • Recharge
  • Cash Deposit
  • AEPS ( Aadhar Enabled Payment System)

Eligibility Criteria of the Portal

  • It’s available to Indian applicants – simply register here on this website!
  • This website can benefit all, regardless of income or age.
  • If you’re curious and wish to know more, the only step necessary is visiting their site and browsing its content.

How To Download AirtelTez App?

  • If you want to download the Airtel Tez App, head to .
  • And tap “Airtel Tez” on that page’s Homepage to continue.
  • Now, before going any further on this page, you must log-in using your login details on this page.
  • Follow its directions. When finished, all services available via this portal will become accessible via a separate page.

Process To Apply AirtelTez Portal Login?

  • Signing up under this portal requires visiting the Official Website:
  • After arriving on this page, all retailers should click the Sign-up button.
  • Next, enter the mobile number of your retailer, tap to activate an OTP option.
  • And wait for verification by SMS before proceeding to the next stage.
  • Candidates will first create a login username and password before entering it to verify it.
  • At the conclusion of the process, candidates can then register themselves as well.

How to apply Online Process to Airtel Payment Bank Retailer Login?

  • Users will first need to visit Airtel Payment Bank Official Website
  • In order to create their password, enter their mobile number, and continue with the procedure.
  • When complete, their dashboard displays a full range of services including:
  • Money Transfers.
  • Bill Payments.
  • And Cash Deposits.
  • Airtel Tez Login Portal makes obtaining official certificates simple for anyone.


In our review of Airtel Tez Login Portal, we examined its many aspects and advantages. Overall, this user-friendly portal makes managing logins and staying current with updates effortless; in particular we enjoyed its user-friendly customer service interface as well as extensive array of features through this portal. If you are an existing or former Airtel Tez customer we strongly suggest taking advantage of this amazing portal to manage your Tez account in an efficient and manageable way.

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