Airtel Call History 2023 How To Check Call History On Airtel Prepaid Number

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Airtel Call History: Struggling to remember your recent call history on an Airtel Prepaid number? Don’t fret; this blog can help! Here we will cover various methods for accessing call history for prepaid numbers as well as an overview of call history available through Airtel. So don’t hesitate and read more now!

Airtel is an Indian telecom service provider offering postpaid and prepaid plans as well as useful features that enable its customers to become informed of their call history. Postpaid customers can benefit from itemized billing while prepaid customers can utilize this feature through apps or other methods.

Airtel Call History

Are you curious as to which calls were placed to your Airtel Prepaid number in the past 24 hours? No problem – just dial *#7072# on any phone to view a complete list. Alternatively, use airtel careers search by entering your telephone number there; other useful services provided there include finding jobs or customer service numbers. Likewise if you want to view call history of specific contacts or locate addresses for customer service then Airtel Career Search Online could provide all this and more!

According to Telecom Regulator of India (TRAI), telecom operators must keep a detailed log of all their transactions and actions such as outgoing/incoming phone calls, recharges/SMS records, data logs etc. This process applies for both prepaid and postpaid mobile numbers; after six months the numbers will be transferred onto tapes. All operators across India use this procedure; should a requirement arise later they will use these tapes secured.

Airtel Call History 2023 How To Check Call History On Airtel Prepaid Number
Airtel Call History 2023 How To Check Call History On Airtel Prepaid Number

Airtel Call Details Check Online

Send an SMS text message containing EPREBILL [MONTH NAME | YOUR EMAIL ID] from your Airtel phone number with this text: EPREBILL MARCH Youremail@GMAIL.COM; after sending this to Airtel via text messaging you will receive an acknowledgement message followed shortly by an email with all of the details of your call history from that period. History.

Airtel Call Details for Postpaid Number

Airtel Postpaid phone numbers make it easy to send email addresses of your choosing without typing out email addresses. Simply text EPREBILL MONTH NAME to 121; for instance, send EPREBILL MARK as an SMS message and Airtel will quickly respond with a confirmation message containing their customer information about the call.

How do I get my Airtel call history?

There may come a time when it becomes necessary for you to access the call history for your Airtel Prepaid number. Perhaps you need to investigate an unanswered call or unread message, these simple steps should help complete this task efficiently. Dial *200# from any registered mobile and enter customer username/password; after which, view calls made and received over the last 90 days so as to identify any problems which need addressing immediately.

Steps To Get Airtel Call History

  • Install the official Airtel Call History app from Play Store.
  • Sign up for an account via email.
  • After creating one, fill in your mobile number.
  • Simply click “Get Call History.”
  • From there you’ll get your call history for the past year.

Why Should You Check Airtel Call History?

By reviewing these calls you will gain complete information regarding which contacts made or received an incoming phone call as well as its duration information. Track their repeated calls throughout the day to gain insight into who they’re speaking to and for how long. If you believe your child may be under adverse influence or has recently displayed unusual behavior, it would be prudent to review their Airtel calls history in order to identify who has come into contact with them. This provides valuable information regarding who has had contact with them. Police departments also utilize call log analysis to locate suspects, criminals or victims’ residence. One key advantage is being able to view Airtel numbers’ call logs at no charge – whether its an unpaid postpaid number or paid user; you will see who they have called recently with additional details about each call made over time.

Is it Possible to Check Call History in Airtel?

Yes, Airtel provides call history. Simply follow these simple steps to access it. Your history of calls will include both outgoing and incoming information regarding calls made or received using your number. Under Telecom Regulatory Authority of India regulations, telecom companies are required to record all activities such as inbound calls, outgoing calls and SMS data logs within six months – giving you access to your call history within just a few simple steps. Let’s review the steps involved in reviewing your call history on Airtel. There may be various instances when this could come in handy, for instance if you have lost contact info and can retrieve it with call history; but only if there has been money received or outgoing calls in the last six months from that number.

Airtel Call History From Using Ussd Code

Ussd (Usage Specific Subtraction Data) is one of the oldest methods for tracking call history and balance information as well as Airtel SIM recharge data.

  1. open your mobile phones dialer keypad.
  2. type the Ussd code that is *121*7#.
  3. *123# –  Airtel balance and validity check.
  4. (*121#),(*282#),(*121*9#)  – Airtel Sim number check.
  5. *121*1# – special offer of Airtel.
  6. *121*2# – Airtel data balance.
  7. *121*3#  – Airtel recharge with coupon code.
  8. *141# –  Airtel asks for Talk time service and Airtel calls me back on the SMS service.

Get The Call History From The Airtel Web Portal

  • Navigating to the official Airtel website via your mobile phone.
  • Select the Profile Icon at the upper-right-hand corner.
  • Log In using Your Airtel Sim Number & Set Password.
  • And finally select Call History as one of your desired options.
  • Fill in your airtel SIM number, hit submit, and you will see three call details from it.

Steps to get Airtel Call history details through online method

Whether you have an Airtel postpaid or prepaid connection, follow these steps to access your call history for your particular number. Using the above method, you will quickly be able to locate all call records over the last six months as well as all calls made through this phone number since being connected; postpaid customers may verify their phone numbers via SMS sent directly to Airtel’s default number for verification. Here are the steps required in order to obtain these details of your call history:

  • On your phone, visit
  • Select an icon representing your profile from the right-hand side.
  • Log in using assistance by providing both your Airtel number and password.
  • For new users, to generate an OTP for login click on the icon to receive one on mobile.
  • Enter it here before signing in with desktop browser.
  • When your account opens up its Dashboard you may choose between History or “Histories” options to get started!
  • Enter the Airtel mobile number that you would like to review the call history.
  • Click submit to view up to three numbers’ calls history.
  • Your last call record can then be accessed using Messenger.
  • Just write “EPREBILL or EPREBILL or EPRABILL or EPREBILL or…” and send.
  • Once sending, ensure you receive an acknowledgement number after sending.

Recovering Deleted Call History in Airtel

With the Eases Android Data Recovery App available on Google Play Store, it is also possible to recover deleted images, videos and contacts in addition to call history. Please keep in mind that certain phones may be excluded and only limited data could be recovered using this method; therefore it is highly advised to read all terms and conditions associated with using this recovery method before beginning.

Airtel Call Details through Airtel Application

Airtel also provides another platform that will let you quickly retrieve call history for any Airtel number – both prepay and postpaid customers can utilize these steps.

  • Launch Google Play Store on your phone.
  • Search for Airtel Thanks app in your desired language.
  • After installing, complete sign-in process.
  • Before going back into My Airtel to view Transaction History.
  • Once on this page, you’ll be able to view a record of recent recharges.
  • Transactions by selecting “Modify” in the appropriate tab and choosing your preferred month to view call records.


Below we’ll demonstrate how to access Airtel prepay call history. This blog article will also show you how to check call histories as well as locate information regarding call histories on an Airtel prepay number. Hopefully you find this information useful!

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