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Hello my subscribers my name is Rajveer Singh and I am 30year old and yes I am a student, and I have completed the Bachlore in arts, as well as Masters in arts and yes I am a currently a Internet blogger and a techminded boy and preparing for PSC in chhattisgarh ,India.

In my childhood age I really do not want to read the books because it was too hard for me and too frustrating for me as well. But when I took admission in my college and understand the values of knowledge and fighting of people in debates, that make me shockify, it was too amazing to see someone who wins because he had much more knowledge than other one, so this was my main rise up to get attracted towards the book reading, and starting to gaining knowledge, and literally earlier I do not know anything about chhattisgarh I just only knows little bit about my city rajnandgaon, but in the journey of writing this blog i have reserch many places, in many books, forums , sites then only I can produce this knowledge for you.

This is a short summary about my story in respect to this site…….. hehehe………


Well if you really think that why me and my website is here for you to get the best knowledge about the places of Chhattisgarh, it can be a temple, tourist places, archelogical things, the rivers , the waterfalls of chhattisgarh. Then this website will be absolutly perfect for you. Becasue I have covered every small to big topics, and yes every topic will be in full detail, and if you read and share with anyone for the perfect and deep knowledge then it will help you, and your friend and yes me also, your comments, suggestion will be always my first priority.

Remember:-The Knowledge should be Taken if you are getting it from anywhere.


The goal of the site Iamchhattisgarh.in is to just give you original and true knowledge about any topic, if you are preparing for any government job or just doing some research.

If you ever need a hand or have a questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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All the best,